Get started with YAML configuration

Convert API Gateway configuration from XML to a YAML human-friendly format.

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Convert XML federated configuration to YAML

You must start with an existing XML federated configuration. If you do not have an existing XML federated configuration you can create a new one in Policy Studio using one of the factory templates.

If your project is called, for example, test, then the XML files for it will exist in ~/apiprojects/test. The federated URL is federated:file:/home/user/apiprojects/test/configs.xml.

If the XML federated configuration is encrypted with a passphrase, you do not need to decrypt it before or after the conversion to YAML. The converted YAML configuration will remain encrypted as all values are copied from one configuration to the other.

To convert your XML federated configuration to YAML:

  1. Open a terminal and change directory to the API Gateway installation directory apigateway/posix/bin.

  2. Convert the XML to YAML:

    ./yamles fed2yaml -s /home/user/apiprojects/test -o /path/to/yamles
  3. Validate the converted YAML configuration:

    ./yamles validate -s /path/to/yamles

For deployment to an API Gateway runtime, see Packaging and deployment.

For troubleshooting any errors, and more details on options and commands, see CLI Tool.