Capacity planning and performance

This guide provides information for capacity planning and outlines performance results for common SOAP and REST use cases for both API Manager and API Gateway.

The information in this guide is intended to support your capacity planning for the initial implementation, as well as the ongoing monitoring to help you address your changing capacity requirements. Capacity planning will not provide precise sizing details. Any estimates derived from capacity planning activities must be re-evaluated in your implementation and infrastructure setup, and performing load tests with a representative set of data flows.

Based on the detailed results from a number of performance and load tests, which were executed with various infrastructure and product configurations, this document provides results for specific test cases executed in a defined context. In conjunction with your own requirements, you can extrapolate the test results to arrive at a sizing estimation that meets your needs.

The intended audience for this guide is systems engineers and operators who are interested in the performance of API Manager and API Gateway under different use cases.

Performance test configuration

Describes the configuration of the systems used in performance testing. These include single node with local Cassandra, multi-node high availability with local Cassandra, and multi-node high availability with remote Cassandra.

Performance test settings

Describes the settings used for performance testing. For example, this includes the number of API Manager, API Gateway, and Cassandra instances, and the various security protocols and monitoring settings used.

Performance test single node scenarios

Introduces the single node performance scenarios that were tested.

Performance test multi-node HA scenarios

Introduces the multi-node performance scenarios that were tested.

Performance test results

Presents the single node and multi-node performance results achieved for all API Management configurations.