Connect API Manager

Understand why you would connect Axway API Manager to Amplify Central. Learn how you can publish to the Amplify Catalog from your API Management System in order to obtain a global view of your APIs and present this Catalog to your consumers. Learn how you can collect the traffic of all your gateways and see it in a single place in Amplify Central Observability.

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What is Axway API Manager connected?

Connect your API Management system (v7.6.2 or above) to Amplify Central by using two agents: Discovery and Traceability.

These two agents will help you to represent and expose your API Management eco-system in Amplify Central:

  • Create an API Gateway environment in Amplify Central that represent your actual API Management eco-system.
  • Detect a published API using the Discovery Agent. The Discovery Agent discovers the API from API Manager and makes it available in Amplify Central. An API Service in Central is created to reference the API from API Manager and then you can optionally tell the agent to publish it to the Amplify Catalog to allow your consumer to discover it.
  • Manage consumer subscription using the Discovery Agent. When a consumer subscribes / unsubscribes to a Catalog asset, the Discovery Agent keeps track of the changes and maintains the API Management system accordingly.
  • Filter the Axway API Gateway logs using the Traceability Agent. The Traceability Agent uses the discovered API to filter API Gateway events to extract the transaction information and send it to the Amplify platform Observability module.

Discovery Agent

The Discovery Agent is used to discover new published APIs. The Discovery Agent pushes both REST and SOAP API definitions to Amplify Central.

If the Discovery Agent discovers an API where the inbound security is not set to PassThrough / API Key / OAuth, the correlating catalog asset will not be created. Discovered APIs that do not have the correct inbound security will only be available in the environment.

The related APIs are published to Amplify Central either as an API Service in environment or an API Service in environment and optionally as Catalog item (default behavior).

Service Discovery

Traceability Agent

The Traceability Agent sends log information about APIs in API Gateway and publishes the events to Amplify Central.


  • (Optional) An Amplify Central environment. See Create an environment
  • An API Manager user having the role of API Manager administrator for the Discovery / Traceability agent to connect to API Manager
  • An API Gateway user having the role of API Gateway operator for Traceability Agent to connect to API Gateway

System requirements

  • Axway API Manager / Axway API Gateway versions 7.6.2 SPx and 7.7 SPx up and running using a Linux installation (CentOS 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, Oracle Linux 6.x, 7.x, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.x, 12.x)
  • The Linux machine where API Manager and API Gateway are running must be accessible and have sudo rights to run the Agents
  • The agents must be installed on the same machine that API Manager and/or API Gateway is running

Region support

Amplify Central supports two regions, US (default) and EU. The data (APIs, traffic) that the agents send to Amplify Central is stored in one of those regions based on the agent configuration.

Use one of the following URLs to access the Amplify Central UI:

Update the following variables to move data to the EU region:

Connect Axway API Manager to Amplify Central using Axway Central CLI

The following is a high-level overview of the required steps to connect an API Manager V7 environment to Amplify Central:

  • Create a service account for the agent to communicate with Amplify platform
  • Create an environment to group the APIs
  • Deploy the agent to the gateway: one Discovery Agent per Node Manager and one Traceability Agent per gateway

You will be guided through this procedure using Axway Central CLI. See Deploy your agent with Axway CLI.

Connect Axway API Manager to Amplify Central manually

The following demonstrates how to connect an Axway API-Gateway V7 to Amplify-Central without using the Axway CLI.

Role-based documentation

Some of the content in the Connect API Manager documentation is of interest to a wide range of development and administrator professions. The following topics are organized by professional role and common task scenarios:

Deploy your agents with Axway CLI

Learn how to deploy your agents using Axway CLI so that you can manage your Axway API Gateway environment within Amplify Central.

Administer API Manager Gateway

Learn how to deploy your Discovery Agent and Traceability Agent so that you can manage your Axway API Gateway environment within Amplify Central.

Administer API Manager network traffic

Traffic is always initiated by the Agent to API Manager, API Gateway, and Amplify Central. No sessions are ever initiated back to the Agent.

Administer API Manager agent security

This section describes the main security features of the API Manager agents.

Feature - Discover APIs

Learn how to set up tag-based condition expressions using the APIMANAGER_FILTER environment variable to discover APIs that could be added to Amplify Central.

Feature - Manage subscription workflow

A subscription provides the consumer, or subscriber, with the required security and endpoint materials to correctly consume the API. The security material and/or quota to access an API is configured inside the application on Axway API Manager.

Reference - Agent configuration

Use the following environment variables to control your Discovery and Traceability agents

Get help with Connected API Manager

This section provides troubleshooting, known limitations and restrictions that you may encounter while you are working with the connected / managed environment for Amplify Central and Axway API Manager. It also provides tips you may find useful when working with this environment.