Using Red Hat OpenShift

Setup a Red Hat OpenShift 4.7+ managed cluster and install Axway Istio Agents

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The Axway Istio agents are compatible with Red Hat® OpenShift® 4.7+ when using Istio 1.8.2.


Before installing and managing an OpenShift cluster to deploy the Istio agents to, you must have a platform (AWS, Azure, GCP) for installing OpenShift Container Platform (OCP).

To learn how to install OpenShift on a selected platform, see the OCP documentation for installing a cluster.

For example, follow the instructions from here to install OpenShift on AWS. Start with creating SSH keys and then deploying to a cluster.

Using Istio 1.8

Once the cluster is ready to use, see Deploy your agents with the Axway CLI to learn how to use the Amplify CLI to generate override files with cluster and environment specific details. Then use these override files to install Istio and your selected agents.

Istio Installation

Once the Istio override file is generated by the Axway CLI, merge the details with your existing Istio configuration. Follow the steps in the Istio docs for installing Istio into an OCP cluster. Istio has multiple profiles that can be used for installation. Select the appropriate profile and apply with the merged details from the CLI generated istio-override.yaml file.

Istio Agent installation

The next step is to install the Axway Istio agents. Follow the instructions here to use the CLI and deploy the Istio agents.

The ALS Traceability agent can be installed separately from other Istio agents. Extra configuration steps are needed when it is deployed in this manner. To install the ALS Traceability agent only, follow the instructions here.