API management components

Learn more about the components in the Amplify API Management solution and how they can be integrated with the platform.

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API design and prototyping with Stoplight

API-first design with Amplify API Management and Stoplight.

Introduction to API Builder

Integration, orchestration, and mocking of APIs as a lightweight microservice.

Introduction to API Manager

API Manager enables you to register APIs and manage their lifecycle from registration through publishing and retirement.

Introduction to API Gateway

API Gateway manages, delivers, and secures enterprise APIs, applications, and consumers.

Introduction to API Portal

API Portal is a self-service web-based portal that enables API consumers to consume APIs that you have exposed using API Manager.

Introduction to API management analytics

Introduction to API Gateway Analytics and Embedded Analytics.

Amplify API Management tools

Amplify API Management tools to develop, deploy, and manage API solutions.

Integrate API management into a CI/CD pipeline

Learn how to integrate the API management solution into a pipeline.

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