Upgrade API Portal container deployment

Upgrade your API Portal container deployment to a newer version.

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General upgrade

To upgrade your API Portal container deployment, perform the following:

  1. Always back up your database and data from volumes before an upgrade.

  2. Obtain a newer API Portal Docker image, available from Axway Repository.

  3. Remove the running container:

    docker container rm -f <old-container-name>
  4. Recreate a new container with the same docker run parameters as the old one:

    docker container run <old-parameters> <newer-image>

See more Run a Docker container using the image.

The upgrade preserves any API Portal customizations stored in volumes or database.

Upgrade from versions before May 2022 to latest release

API Portal versions after February 2022 are integrated with Joomla 4, which results in some backward incompatible changes. Attempting to upgrade directly from versions prior to May 2022 to latest release will break database integrity.

To upgrade API Portal from versions higher than February 2022 to the latest release, follow the General upgrade section.

To upgrade from before May 2022 to API Portal latest release, follow these steps:

  1. If your API Portal version is lower than February 2022, you must first upgrade to February 2022 as described in the General upgrade section.

  2. After you installation is updated to the February 2022 release, stop the February 2022 container and start a new container from the latest image with the old parameters.

    docker container rm -f <feb22-container-name>
    docker container run \
      <old-parameters-from-prior-to-latest-container> <latest-image>
  3. (Optional) If you have used MySQL SSL connection to start your new container, you can now change its value back to what was there before.

Apply a service pack or patch on a container deployment

Service packs and patches provide important security updates, fixes for known issues, and improved performance for API Portal and its components.

To apply a service pack or patch to a container deployment:

  1. Download a new API Portal Docker image that includes the service pack or patch from Axway Repository.
  2. Follow the steps in Upgrade API Portal in Docker containers.