Cassandra troubleshooting

Troubleshoot problems you might encounter when running Cassandra with API Gateway.

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Error when starting Cassandra

If the following exception occurs during the Cassandra startup process:

Exception (java.lang.RuntimeException) encountered during startup: A node with address <host>/<IP> already exists, cancelling join. Use 
cassandra.replace_address if you want to replace this node.

Run the nodetool removenode command to remove the old Cassandra node from the cluster before starting the new Cassandra node. You must run the command from a different node than the one currently being upgraded.

  1. Run nodetool status to get the list of nodes in the cluster and their respective Cassandra host IDs:
    $ ./nodetool status
    Datacenter: datacenter1
    |/ State=Normal/Leaving/Joining/Moving
    --  Address        Load       Tokens       Owns (effective)  Host ID                               Rack
    DN   7.26 MB    256          100.0%            3c201a6f-441a-4510-93fd-53c2025073c3  rack1
    UN  1.78 MB    256          100.0%            c2361215-be9f-4e90-8b4a-73085e1b92e1  rack1
    UN  7.25 MB    256          100.0%            3e3d345f-48ce-4224-8485-aa8e3fdac632  rack1
  2. Select the Host ID of the down node (DN) and remove it from the cluster using the nodetool removenode command:
    $cd /home/cassandra-2219/cassandra/bin
    $ ./nodetool removenode 3c201a6f-441a-4510-93fd-53c2025073c3

Restoring to Cassandra 2.2.8/2.2.12

In the event of a failed migration, you can restore your Cassandra environment to its original 2.2.8/2.2.12 state using the backup data. For more information, see Restore API Management and KPS keyspaces.

Restored Keyspace not visible in API Manager UI

After restoring a keyspace using the apigw-backup-tool, the restored KPS data should be visible via the API Manager UI. If this is not the case, the Cassandra keyspace name might need to be updated in the Server Settings via Policy Studio.

By default, the keyspace name value is referenced via the x${DOMAINID}_${GROUPID} variable. When API Manager is configured a keyspace is created matching this naming convention. If the keyspace being restored has a different name (possibly created with a different API Gateway), you must replace the default Cassandra keyspace value with the new name.