API Portal 7.7 January 2021 Release Notes

API Portal updates are cumulative, comprising new features and changes delivered in previous updates, unless specifically indicated otherwise in the Release notes.

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API Portal is available as a software installation or a virtualized deployment in a Docker container. For more information, see the following options:

New features and enhancements

Docker container improvements

This update includes a sample docker-compose.yml script, which once configured for your environment, enables an easier start up of API Portal, MariaDB, and Redis containers. Now, you can build your own API Portal docker container using the same build scripts that Axway use internally.

Simplified language file upload

Previously, to upload language files you had to connect to the API Portal server, download the English translation files, translate them, rename them correctly, and upload them to the correct directory on the server. To simplify this process, we have added an upload capability to the Joomla! Admin Interface (JAI). For more information, see Add a translated UI string file.

Security improvements

  • Improved readability of all logs redirected to stdout.
  • Added support for the anti-virus service (ClamAV) running on a remote machine. Previously, it had to be running on the same server as API Portal.

UI modernization improvements

  • New two-column layout available for API details view.

    Two-column layout

  • Swagger UI layout configuration available from API Catalog settings.

    API Catalog settings

  • New configuration to hide the Try-it button for APIs with specific tags, for example, “Coming soon”. Wildcards such as ? and * are supported.

    Hide Try-it

  • User account fields (Name, Login name, Password, Email) are now read-only in JAI, as this data is managed from API Manager or an external IDP.

  • Custom properties are now displayed in Public mode.

  • A consistent loading icon (spinner) is now rendered across the API details, Applications, and Usage tabs.

Limitations of this update

This update has the following limitations:

  • API Portal 7.7.20210130 is compatible with API Gateway and API Manager 7.7.20210130 only.
  • To upgrade from earlier versions (for example, 7.5.5, 7.6.2) you must first upgrade to API Portal 7.7 only.
  • This update is not available as a virtual appliance or as a managed service on Axway Cloud.

Important changes

There are no major changes in this update.

Deprecated features

No capabilities have been deprecated in this update.

Removed features

No capabilities have been removed in this update.

Fixed issues

This version of API Portal includes:

  • Fixes from all 7.5.5, 7.6.2, and 7.7 service packs released prior to this version. For details of all the service pack fixes included, see the corresponding SP Readme attached to each service pack on Axway Support.
  • Fixes from all 7.7 updates released prior to this version. For details of all the update fixes included, see the corresponding release note for each 7.7 update.

Fixed security vulnerabilities

Internal ID Case ID CVE Identifier Description
IAP-3173 Issue: HTTP OPTIONS method is enabled by default. Resolution: The documentation for “Allow requests from only used HTTP methods” was updated with instruction how to disable HTTP OPTIONS method.
IAP-3174 Issue: The HTTP response contains duplicate attributes for Set-Cookie header and X-Frame-Options header was shown several times. Resolution: Duplication of the X-Frame-Options header and of the cookie attributes are prevented now. The documentation for “Update apiportal.conf” is updated accordingly.
IAP-3784 1215016 Issue: Arbitrary redirection on sign-in page was exploitable. Resolution: The issue has been fixed as now API Portal checks if the host of the encoded return url is the same as the API Portal’s host.
IAP-3757 1212990 Issue: Sensitive directories accessible through web. Resolution: htaccess file modification done to block sensitive directory access.
IAP-3745 1212603 Issue: XSS was possible on API Details page while creating an application. Resolution: The XSS is remediated on API Details page for apiId parameter.
IAP-3846 Issue: Private key file is publicly available via URL. Resolution: htaccess modification done to block sensitive data access. See the API Portal private key accessible through web article to learn how to manually apply the fix.

Other fixed issues

Internal ID Case ID Description
IAP-3732 Issue: Informative messages where not logged in a log file when password was reset. Resolution: Informative messages where not logged in a com_apiportal.error.log file.
IAP-3776 Issue: JavaScript error is shown in console when submitting login form. Resolution: components/com_apiportal/assets/js/apiportal.js loaded in login page.
IAP-3887 1220931 Issue: Installation fails when installed with MySQL lower than 5.7. Resolution: UTF8 COLLATE was added to docker file in order to support MySQL lower than 5.7.
IAP-3889 1221136 Issue: The documentation describing secure PHP configuration have mistakes and not valid options. Resolution: The documentation has been updated following best security practices applicable to API Portal.
IAP-3911 Issue: Apache virtual host configuration was not correctly set when installing API Portal using plain HTTP and as a result API Portal cannot be loaded. Resolution: Now Apache virtual host configuration is correct and API Portal is able to install using plain HTTP.
IAP-3875 1203778 Issue: IPs are logged hashed when session hijack attempt happens. Resolution: IPs will be logged without being hashed when session hijack attempt happens.

Known issues

The following are known issues for this update.

When Multi Manager feature is configured, API Portal users are no longer able to login

After a recent bug fix in API Manager (RDAPI-20021), the Authenticate to Master policy is no longer working after upgrading from releases earlier than API Portal July 2020. To fix this, perform the following steps:

  1. Open all slave managers configurations in Policy Studio, and click to Edit the AuthenticateToMaster policy.
  2. Click the Login to Master (Connect to URL) filter, and enter Accept: */* for the Request Protocol Header.
  3. Click the Enter key twice to create two blank lines after Accept: */*.

Alternatively you can take the updated AuthenticateToMaster policy and apply again your configurations.

Related Issue:IAP-3435

Page layout and alignment for Arabic language

Changing the API Portal language to Arabic (or any other right to left language) results in issues with page layout and alignment on the API Portal Home and Pricing pages, and some buttons are not visible. As a workaround, you can turn on the development mode in JAI. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Joomla! Admin Interface (JAI).
  2. In the JAI top navigation bar, click Extensions > Templates.
  3. Click your template style (for example, purity_III * Default) to open it.
  4. Click the General tab.
  5. Change Development Mode to ON.
  6. Click Save and click Close to close the template style.

Related Issue: IAP-308


There are no major changes in this update.

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