Install Discovery and Traceability agents

Prerequisites and steps for installing Discovery and Traceability agents.

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The Discovery agent is used to discover new published APIs or any updated APIs. After the APIs are discovered, they are published to Amplify Central.

The Traceability agent is used to prepare the transaction events that are sent to Amplify platform. Each time an API is called by a consumer, an event (summary and details) is sent to Amplify Central and is visible in Business Insights.


Install in GUI mode

To install the Discovery and Traceability agents in GUI mode along with API Gateway, follow the steps described in API Gateway installation, using the following options:

  • Select the Custom setup type.
  • Select to install the following components:
    • Discovery and Traceability agents

Install in unattended mode

The following example shows how to install the Discovery and Traceability agents in unattended mode:

./APIGateway_7.7_Install_linux-x86-32_BN<n>.run --mode unattended --setup_type advanced --enable-components agentsConfiguration --disable-components apimgmt,apigateway,nodemanager,cassandra, qstart,policystudio,configurationstudio,analytics,apitester,packagedeploytools

For more information see API Gateway unattended installation.