Introduction to API management analytics

Introduction to API Gateway Analytics and Embedded Analytics.

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API Gateway Analytics

API Gateway Analytics is a server runtime and web-based monitoring and reporting console that enables you to generate scheduled reports and analyze API use over time in multiple API Gateways across the domain.

API Gateway Analytics

API Gateway Analytics includes the following features:

  • Web-based console that monitors and reports on all API Gateways in the domain (multiple API Gateways are shown on the left in the diagram)
  • Reporting over an extended time period rather than immediate operational monitoring
  • Analysis of what APIs are used, how often APIs are used, when APIs are used, and who is using APIs
  • Scheduled reports in PDF format can be emailed to specific users

Embedded Analytics

The Embedded Analytics web console enables you to monitor and analyze key metrics in your system.

Embedded Analytics

The Embedded Analytics dashboards enable you to monitor key metrics such as the following:

  • API health — response time, failure rates, exception rates, and transactions per second
  • Infrastructure health — CPU and disk usage, SLA breaches, bytes exchanged, traffic, and latency
  • API usage — traffic, active APIs, and active applications
  • Client application health — number of methods with high response time, failure rate, exception rate

For more details, see the Embedded Analytics for Amplify API Management documentation.

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