Configure SMTP servers

Configure the API Gateway to use a specified SMTP server to relay messages to an email recipient.

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You can configure the SMTP server as a global configuration item under the Environment Configuration > External Connections node. The SMTP server is then available for selection in the SMTP filter in the Routing category.

To configure an SMTP server, right-click the Environment Configuration > External Connections > SMTP Servers node, and select Add an SMTP Server. Alternatively, in the SMTP filter window, click the button beside the SMTP Server Settings field, right-click the SMTP Servers node, and select Add an SMTP Server.


Configure the following fields in the SMTP Server settings dialog:

  • Name: Enter an appropriate name for the SMTP server.
  • SMTP Server Settings: Specify the following fields:
    • SMTP Server Hostname: Enter the host name or IP address of the SMTP server.
    • Port: Enter the SMTP port on the specified server hostname. By default, SMTP servers run on port 25.
    • Connection Security: Select the security required for the connection to the SMTP server (SSL, TLS, or NONE). Defaults to NONE.
  • Log on using: If you are required to authenticate to the SMTP server, specify the following fields:
    • User Name: Enter the user name of a registered user that can access the SMTP server.
    • Password: Enter the password for the user name specified.

Configure trusted certificates for SMTP connections

SMTP server connections use a Java keystore instead of the API Gateway certificate store. You must import the certificate chain into the following file:


The default password is changeit.

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