Configure API Gateway Analytics

Configure and use API Gateway Analytics to record, monitor, and report on the history of message traffic between API Gateway instances and various services, remote hosts, and clients running in an API Gateway domain.

API Gateway Analytics is a server runtime and web-based console for analyzing and reporting on API use over extended periods of time. This documentation describes how to set up and manage your metrics database, how to configure API Gateway and API Gateway Analytics, and how to use API Gateway Analytics to monitor your API Gateway domain.

Overview of API Gateway Analytics

Gives a brief overview of API Gateway Analytics and outlines the steps required to set up and use it.

Configure API Gateway Analytics

Update an API Gateway Analytics configuration (for example, the API Gateway Analytics port, database connection, and user credentials) before starting API Gateway Analytics.

Configure API Gateway with the metrics database

Configure an API Gateway instance and Node Manager to store metrics on historic traffic in a relational database.

Get started with API Gateway Analytics

Start using API Gateway Analytics to monitor traffic and schedule reports.

Purge the metrics database

Use the dbpurger command to connect to your metrics database and purge old data. This command also enables you to retain a specified amount of data, and to archive all data.