Policy filter reference

A reference guide to all filters available in Policy Studio.

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Get started with routing configuration

Configure API Gateway to send messages to external services.

Routing filters

Commonly used routing filters, including Connect to URL and Connection.

Route to JMS

Send messages to or read messages from a JMS messaging system.

Additional routing filters

Additional routing filters, including HTTP redirect and status, file upload and download, SMTP, and extract path parameters.

Attribute filters

Filters to manipulate message attributes.

Retrieve attribute filters

Filters to retrieve message attributes.

Authentication filters

Commonly used authentication filters, including API key, HTTP basic, and SAML.

Additional authentication filters

Additional authentication filters, including attribute authentication, SAML PDP, and CA SOA Security Manager.

Authorization filters

Commonly used authorization filters, including SAML authorization assertion, XACML PEP, and LDAP.

Additional authorization filters

Additional authorization filters, including attribute authorization, Axway Passport, SAML, and SAML PDP.

Conversion filters

Commonly used conversion filters, including JSON to XML, JSON node, and XSLT.

Additional conversion filters

Additional filters for use in conversions, including XML node, create cookie, and load file.

Throttling filter

Use the Throttling filter to rate limit calls to a back-end service.

Content filtering filters

Commonly used filters for filtering and validating messages based on their content. Includes query string validation, HTTP header validation, and JSON schema validation.

Additional content filtering filters

Additional filters for content filtering, including threatening content and content validation.

Virus scanning filters

Scan the content of a message for viruses.

Certificate validation filters

Validate X.509 certificates using OCSP, CRL, or XKMS.

Caching filters

Filters to cache parts of a message, and work with cached attributes.

Fault and error handling filters

Handle faults and errors in your policies.

AWS filters

Upload data to Amazon S3 or send messages to Amazon SQS.

Monitoring and logging filters

Logging filters including log message payload, and monitoring filters including Axway Sentinel filters and the alert filter.

Encryption and decryption filters

Commonly used filters for encrypting or decrypting messages, including PGP encryption and decryption, and key generation.

XML encryption filters

XML encryption and decryption filters and settings.

Additional encryption filters

Additional encryption filters, including JWT and SMIME encryption and decryption.

XML integrity filters

Sign and verify XML messages.

Additional integrity filters

Sign and verify JWT and SMIME messages.

Resolver filters

Identify incoming XML messages based on SOAP action, SOAP operation name, or relative path.

Web service filters

Handle requests to and responses from a web service.

WS-Trust filters

Create or consume various types of WS-Trust messages.

Utility filters

Commonly used utility filters, including set and remove attribute, and reflect message.

Additional utility filters

Additional utility filters, including policy shortcut and policy shortcut chain, and the scripting language filter.

Security service filters

Filters for when API Gateway is acting as a security service.

CA SiteMinder filters

Integrate with CA SiteMinder.

Oracle Access Manager filters

Integrate with Oracle Access Manager.

Oracle Entitlements Server filters

Integrate with Oracle Entitlements Server 10g or 11g.

Sun Access Manager filters

Integrate with Sun Access Manager

API management filters

Use the API management filters within a policy to get information about API access, API proxies, client applications, application developers, and organizations from the API Manager Client Registry.