YAML configuration

Learn how to use YAML-based configuration with Amplify API Management solution.


API Gateway main configuration is created through Policy Studio in XML format. This configuration can now be converted into a YAML format, edited in an IDE of your choice, and deployed to the API Gateway runtime. The YAML-based configuration allows for a human-friendly format to manage configuration, which facilitates the use of industry standard tooling and enhance the collaboration and operational options. YAML-based configuration enables:

  • A better experience with Software Configuration Management (SCM) tooling for managing diffs and merging.
  • Easier use of standard tooling in DevOps pipelines.
  • Team collaboration with multiple developers working on the same configuration project.
  • Environmentalization of any piece of configuration. For example, passwords, certificates.
  • Externalization of configuration that naturally belongs in a separate file. For example, scripts, schemas, keys, certificates.
  • Usage of standard code editing tools. For example, IDE for JavaScript, Groovy.
  • Use of standard certificate and private key generation tools, and certificate viewing tools.


Term Description
Entity Store The API Gateway’s configuration is also called Entity Store. It is a store of all the entities it takes to configure the API Gateway runtime, for example, the policies and filters. There are now two formats available for the Entity Store: the XML federated configuration and the YAML configuration.
XML federated configuration Consists of a small set of XML files. This can be packaged into a .fed file, or a set of .pol and .env files for deployment.
YAML YAML Ain’t Markup Language (YAML) is a descriptive language based on JSON, widely used to describe configurations.
YAML configuration The YAML configuration or YAML Entity Store consists of a large set of YAML files in an easy-to-navigate directory structure. This can be packaged into a standard .tar.gz file for deployment.
yamles The CLI client tool for converting, validating, and encrypting YAML configuration.

Get started with YAML configuration

Convert API Gateway configuration from XML to a YAML human-friendly format.

YAML CLI overview

YAML CLI tool overview

YAML entity store structure

Understand the structure of the YAML entity store.

Environmentalize your YAML configuration

Learn how to environmentalize your YAML configuration.

Manage externalized files

Learn how to work with externalized files within YAML configuration.

Edit the YAML configuration

Learn how to edit the YAML configuration.

Package and deploy a YAML configuration

Learn how to package and deploy a YAML configuration to the API Gateway runtime.

YAML configuration Reference

Reference information for YAML configuration.

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