YAML configuration

Learn how to use YAML-based configuration with Amplify API Management solution.

API Gateway main configuration is created by way of Policy Studio in XML format. This configuration can now be converted into a YAML format, edited in an IDE of your choice, and deployed to the API Gateway runtime. The YAML-based configuration allows for a human-friendly format to manage configuration, which facilitates the use of industry standard tooling and enhance the collaboration and operational options. YAML-based configuration enables:

  • A better experience with Software Configuration Management (SCM) tooling for managing diffs and merging.
  • Easier use of standard tooling in DevOps pipelines.
  • Team collaboration with multiple developers working on the same configuration project.
  • Environmentalization of any piece of configuration. For example, passwords, certificates.
  • Externalization of configuration that naturally belongs in a separate file. For example, scripts, schemas, keys, certificates.
  • Usage of standard code editing tools. For example, IDE for JavaScript, Groovy.
  • Use of standard certificate and private key generation tools, and certificate viewing tools.


Your system must meet the following prerequisites before you start creating your YAML configuration:

Using Git on Windows

If you are using Git for your YAML configurations on a Windows operating system, ensure to set Git configuration setting core.longpaths to avoid filename too long error on checkout. For example:

git config core.longpaths true


Term Description
Entity Store The API Gateway’s configuration is also called Entity Store. It is a store of all the entities it takes to configure the API Gateway runtime, for example, the policies and filters. There are now two formats available for the Entity Store: the XML federated configuration and the YAML configuration.
XML federated configuration Consists of a small set of XML files. This can be packaged into a .fed file, or a set of .pol and .env files for deployment.
YAML YAML Ain’t Markup Language (YAML) is a descriptive language based on JSON, widely used to describe configurations.
YAML configuration The YAML configuration or YAML Entity Store consists of a large set of YAML files in an easy-to-navigate directory structure. This can be packaged into a standard .tar.gz file for deployment.
yamles The CLI client tool for converting, validating, and encrypting YAML configuration.