YAML configuration Reference

Reference information for YAML configuration.

CI/CD Example

Basic example that illustrates how to leverage YAML configuration in your CI/CD.

Environmentalization example

Detailed example that illustrates different aspects of the environmentalization capability supported by the YAML configuration.

Known conversion errors

Learn how to fix errors that might occur when converting XML federated configuration to YAML configuration.

Known limitations

List of known limitations related to the YAML configuration.

Known validation errors

Learn how to fix errors that might occur when validating your YAML configuration.

YAML Configuration loading

Learn how the YAML configuration is loaded.

YAML Schema

List of all valid syntax and data structures for YAML configuration files.

Team development with YAML configuration

Use YAML configuration to convert projects, which were created using Policy Studio Team development functionality.

YAML Entity Store Directory Mapping

Mapping between entity types and subdirectories.

Entity types in YAML configuration

Learn how entity types are described in a YAML configuration.