Develop in Policy Studio

Use Policy Studio to develop policies, configure API Gateway instances and listeners, and configure connections to external systems.

Develop policies

Understand the main API Gateway features (for example, policies, filters, and configuration options), and how to configure them using Policy Studio.

Register and secure web services

Import a WSDL file to register and secure a web service, or expose a SOAP web service as a REST API.

Configure API Gateway instances and listeners

Configure API Gateway instances and listeners in Policy Studio.

Configure external connections

Configure connections from API Gateway to external systems.

Configure OAuth

Configure API Gateway as an OAuth server and as an OAuth client. Learn about the OpenID Connect support provided by API Gateway.

Configure Key Property Store

Use a Key Property Store (KPS) to manage API Gateway data referenced from policies running on the API Gateway.

Policy filter reference

A reference guide to all filters available in Policy Studio.