Develop policies

Understand the main API Gateway features (for example, policies, filters, and configuration options), and how to configure them using Policy Studio.

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Get started with Policy Studio

Explains some of the main components and concepts used in API Gateway policy development, and shows examples of how they are displayed in Policy Studio.

Policy Studio quick reference

Quick reference to Policy Studio, including working with projects, deploying configuration, and adding APIs and web services to a project.

Create a Policy Studio project

A Policy Studio project is a design-time store of API Gateway configuration on a local file system, which can be deployed to a running API Gateway instance on a server.

Get started with sample policies

Learn about and set up the example policies available in the samples directory of your API Gateway installation.

Configure policies

Learn how to configure policies manually, and how to configure global policies and policy assemblies.

Schedule policy execution

Schedule the execution of any policy on a specified date and time.

Configure messaging services

Configure API Gateway to work with Apache ActiveMQ, IBM WebSphere MQ, and other messaging systems that support the JMS standard.

Configure caching

Learn how to configure both local and distributed caches in API Gateway, and how to configure a policy to cache responses.

Configure Key Property Store data

Use a Key Property Store to store data that can be referenced by policies running on an API Gateway.

Configure system alerts

Configure alert destinations for API Gateway system alerts.

Import and export API Gateway configuration

Import and export configuration data to share it in a development environment and to manage differences and references.

Compare and merge API Gateway configurations

Compare the currently loaded API Gateway configuration with a configuration stored in a deployment package (.fed file) and merge any differences.

Upgrade log analysis

Detect and analyze upgrade issues in Policy Studio.

Select configuration values at runtime

A selector is a special syntax that enables API Gateway configuration settings to be evaluated and expanded at runtime based on metadata values (for example, from message attributes, a Key Property Store (KPS), or environment variables).

Policy Studio preferences and options

Configure preferences and viewing options for Policy Studio.

Compliance validation tools

Check the compliance of your configuration against security standards.

Configure Oracle SSM and Kerberos settings

Configure Oracle SSM and Kerberos settings.

Integrate with TIBCO Rendezvous

Configure API Gateway to produce or consume messages for TIBCO Rendezvous.