API Gateway and API Manager 7.7 March 2021 Release Notes

API Gateway and API Manager updates are cumulative, comprising new features and changes delivered in previous updates unless specifically indicated otherwise in the Release notes.

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Update a container deployment

Any custom .fed files deployed to a container must be upgraded using upgradeconfig or projupgrade. They must be upgraded the same way, regardless of whether they are API Manager enabled or not. The .fed files contain the updates for the API Manager configuration and can be used to build containers.

New features and enhancements

The following new features and enhancements are available in this update.

Updated cipher scheme

The cipher scheme for all encrypted data in the system (such as Database, LDAP passwords, Private keys, and so on) has been enhanced to use PBKDF2 (Password based key derivation function 2) with more secure parameters. This reduces vulnerability to brute force attacks.

This feature has introduced changes related to how sensitive data is managed, how data can be encrypted in custom libraries or Policy Studio script filters, and how data can be migrated between environments, for example, from this release onwards, encrypted KPS data can no longer be transferred directly between environments.

For more information, see Update cipher scheme.

Passphrase policy enforcement

A new passphrase policy and two new endpoints to manage the policy have been introduced to enforce the policy when the node manager or their group’s passphrases are changed via:

  • managedomin script
  • PUT /deployment/passphrase/nodemanager/{serviceID}
  • PUT /deployment/passphrase/group/{groupID}

With a suitably strict passphrase policy enabled, the user will no longer be able to select extremely weak passphrases, such as password or 1234. For more information see, Configure a passphrase policy.

Security enhancements to JWT Sign and Verify filters

Significant changes have been made to the JWT Sign and Verify filters to comply with PSD2. These filters are now much more closely aligned with the RFC 7515 and RFC 7519 specifications.

Note that API Gateway still does not support:

  • JWS JSON Serialization
  • Nested JWTs
  • Unsecured JWTs

For more information, see:

Automatic upgrade of projects in Policy Studio

After applying API Gateway One Version update to Policy Studio, opening a pre-existing project will now offer to automatically upgrade the project.

For more information, see Upgrade of project after 7.7 One Version update.

API Manager request rate limiter

Rate limit monitors the number of requests that a user can send to API Manager during an active session. If the number of requests in an individual session exceeds the configured boundaries, the session is terminated and the user must log in again to continue using API Manager.

For more information, see Configure the API Manager request rate limiter.

HTTP strict transport security profile

In order to be compliant with security best practices, HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) support has been added to API Gateway. Profiles can be configured within Policy Studio.

For more information, see Configure HTTP strict transport security.

Certification with MySQL 8

API Gateway is now certified as compatible with MySQL 8. For more information see, Third Party JDBC Drivers.

YAML configuration store (Technical preview capability)

This update includes bug fixes and enhanced functionality for YAML configuration as follows:

  • YAML configuration templates.
  • Add support for YAML configuration in Topology API.
  • Support for YAML configuration in multi-node topology.
  • Entities with same key fields at the same hierarchy level is now fully supported.
  • CLI import sub-command now comes with new options to relax some constraint and facilitate import.

See the September 2020 release notes for an overview of this technical preview, and the YAML configuration documentation for more detailed information.

Important changes

It is important, especially when upgrading from an earlier version, to be aware of the following changes in the behavior or operation of the product in this update.

Apache Cassandra security advisory

The version of the libthrift library within Cassandra database is vulnerable to Improper Access Control. To mitigate this, we recommend you to upgrade the libthrift library to version 0.9.3-1 in your Apache Cassandra installation.

Changes in JWT filters

There is now a distinction between JSON Web Signature (JWS), where the payload can be of any content type, and a JSON Web Token (JWT), which must be a valid JSON. The system defaults to JWS after you update the product.

Note also that for JWT verification, the previous None option for shared-key HMAC signing has now been replaced with a checkbox. If None was selected in the old filter, then the checkbox will be disabled after migration, resulting in the same behavior.

New Cipher schemes for configuration and KPS

New cipher schemes, which are used to encrypt relevant data in configuration and in KPS, have been added to API Gateway. These changes impact how sensitive data is encrypted and managed, how data can be migrated between environments, and how data can be encrypted in custom libraries or policy studio script filters.

For more information on the cipher scheme and the passphrase policy enforcement feature, see Update cipher scheme.

Driver for metrics database

An update was made to the MySQL JDBC driver version to support MySQL8, and the driver is no longer compatible with Maria DB. Therefore, it is not possible to support both Maria DB and MySQL8 databases together. We plan to rectify this restriction in a later update.

For more information, see Install and configure a metrics database.

Deprecated features

As part of our software development life cycle we constantly review our API Management offering. In this update, the following capabilities have been deprecated:

Antivirus filters

In the January 2020 update, we announced the deprecation of all the Antivirus filters in API Gateway. This is a reminder that in July 2021 we will remove the Antivirus filters from API Gateway. So, we recommend you to use the API Gateway’s ICAP capability, which allows the gateway to integrate with ICAP capable external virus scanners.

End of Support notices

The following items are end of support (EOS):

  • API Gateway and API Manager 7.7 January 2020 update.
  • Internet Explorer 11 and earlier versions are no longer supported. Microsoft Edge is recommended.
  • MySQL 5.6.

Removed features

No capabilities have been removed in this update.

Fixed issues

This version of API Gateway and API Manager includes:

  • Fixes from all 7.5.3, 7.6.2, and 7.7 service packs released prior to this version. For details of all the service pack fixes included, see the corresponding SP Readme attached to each service pack on Axway Support.
  • Fixes from all 7.7 updates released prior to this version. For details of all the update fixes included, see the corresponding Release note for each 7.7 update.

Fixed security vulnerabilities

Internal ID Case ID Cve Identifier Description
RDAPI-23337 CVE-2018-1320 CVE-2019-0205 Issue: Apache Cassandra includes libthrift library which has known vulnerabilities. Resolution: New installations, which opt to install Cassandra from the API Gateway installation packages, include the upgraded libthrift 0.9.3-1 library that addresses these two known vulnerabilities. Existing customers are advised to upgrade the libthrift library to 0.9.3-1 in their Cassandra environments.
RDAPI-22247 01207324 Issue: Newly created Static Content Providers enable “Allow directory listings” by default. Resolution: Newly created Static Content Providers “Allow directory listings” is disabled by default.
RDAPI-22559 01215211 01215001 Issue: Missing protection mechanisms on binaries. Resolution: API Gateway native code and customized libraries are now built with protection mechanisms in place. Because of the compiler used, protection for stack canaries can only be achieved using -fstack-protector to avoid performance penalties. As a consequence, some libraries are reported as “No RELRO” or “No canary found”. The following libraries under the <INSTALL_DIR>/apigateway/Linux.x86_64/lib folder are delivered as-is (not generated as part of the API Gateway solution): libdb-4.3.so, liblnxfv.so.4, liblua-5.1.so, libobaccess.so, libpcap.so.0.9.8, libsigar-amd64-linux.so, libsqlite3.so, libstdc++.so.5.0.7, libz.so.1.2.5. For the same reason, the following binaries under the <INSTALL_DIR>/apigateway/Linux.x86_64/bin folder are delivered as-is: wkhtmltopdf/libcrypto.so.1.0.0, wkhtmltopdf/libssl.so.1.0.0, wkhtmltopdf/wkhtmltopdfRPATH for vshell is intended and required.
RDAPI-22708 01217185 Issue: API Manager does not provide a Session Timeout that will stop users to keep a session open indefinitely. Only Idle Session Timeout is provided. Resolution: API Manager now provides a Session Timeout alongside the Idle Session Timeout.
RDAPI-23200 01229206 CVE-2020-13956 Issue: API Gateway included Apache HttpClient version 4.5.9, which has vulnerability CVE-2020-13956. Resolution: API Gateway now includes Apache HttpClient version 4.5.13, and is no longer vulnerable.
RDAPI-23553 01237742 Issue: JWT Decrypt filter successfully decrypts even when an invalid key is provided. Resolution: JWT Decrypt filter now fails as it should when an invalid key is provided.

Other fixed issues

Internal ID Case ID Description
RDAPI-18777 01124550 Issue: In API Manager, when you remove all restrictions from an application quota, ‘Override default application quota’ is left checked and the default application quota does not apply to that application. Resolution: If we do not provide any restriction to the default application quota, ‘Override default application quota’ is unchecked and the default application quota applies if present.
RDAPI-20474 01165533 Issue: API Manager takes long time to process APIs that contain hundreds or thousands of API methods. API Manager transactions processing is blocked when an API is virtualized or changes are made to a virtualized API. Also, it was possible to virtualize a back-end API more than once. Resolution: The virtualization of an API or changes to a virtualized API do not block API Manager transactions processing. Improved API Manager performance when importing, virtualizing, updating, exporting, and deleting APIs with large number of API methods. A back-end API can now only be virtualized once. In addition, the following Java system property improves performance of the API Gateway configuration load at startup and deployment from Policy Studio or managedomain: com.axway.apimanager.configure.apis.nonblocking.enabled enables non-blocking multi-threaded load of virtualized APIs brokers. Defaults to False.
RDAPI-21697 01247698 01190619 01153597 01188911 Issue: API Manager APIs fail validation of integer fields in the multipart/form-data. Resolution: Integer fields in multipart/form-data are now properly validated.
RDAPI-22087 01201660 01216870 Issue: If a front-end API is using an inbound security set to invoke a policy, the invoked policy used is overwriting a header using an ‘Add HTTP Header’ filter with the overwrite existing header option. Since the API method has this same header defined a parameter, the call to the back-end API is done with a duplicate header, each of the header having a different value, one with value passed as part of the client API call, and the other value is the one set by the policy. Resolution: The API call now only contains one header with the value that the policy overwrites, the one set by the client API call.
RDAPI-22417 01222760 01211150 01227691 Issue: API Gateway Manager change password form failed to update account passwords. Resolution: The change password form now successfully updates account passwords.
RDAPI-22431 01161798 01242061 01172963 Issue: Impossible to use HSM keys for Cassandra SSL. Resolution: The “Vordel” Java Security Provider is now selected first and implementation of “RSASSA-PSS” signature algorithm has been added to it. The Java KeyStore interface (PKCS8) has been corrected to support HSM and OpenSSL engine keys. Debugging traces for SSL/TLS layers and PKCS11 engine have been improved.
RDAPI-22534 01214405 Issue: On API Gateway upgrade, instances running on other installations are incorrectly included when checking for running instances. Resolution: The instance check has been updated to only consider instances running on the current installation.
RDAPI-22679 01217498 Issue: A CWE-209 was detected in the KPS API wherein it leaks Jersey error messages to callers on certain request. Resolution: Error messages have been fixed. They no longer contain sensitive information.
RDAPI-22710 01212407 Issue: EMT script fails setup when using a password protected env file. Resolution: Script updated to accept password parameter for env file.
RDAPI-22904 01219454 Issue: Adding a Trusted Certificate to an API Manager front-end API fails domain validation if a URL with a top level domain that is not a valid public domain, such as local, is used. Resolution: Adding a Trusted Certificate to an API Manager front-end API now supports user defined top level domains, which can be configured using the Java system property com.axway.apimanager.user.tlds as follows: <ConfigurationFragment><VMArg name="-Dcom.axway.apimanager.user.tlds=local,locala" /></ConfigurationFragment>
RDAPI-22979 01225687 Issue: The upgradeconfig script was unclear about the consequences of upgrading an *.env archive without a *.pol archive. Resolution: A warning has been added to the script.
RDAPI-22988 01218858 Issue: In Policy Studio, when exporting an API, referring policies can be partially exported, which causes broken dependencies. Resolution: Referring policies will now be automatically exported unless removed by the user.
RDAPI-23021 01223740 Issue: Custom profiles are not correctly set for API Manager APIs when virtualized. Resolution: Custom profiles are now set at virtualization, otherwise the default profile is used.
RDAPI-23023 01187719 01185390 Issue: Swagger 2 body parameter with allOf causes API Manager display issue. Resolution: API Manager now displays allOf:Type1,Type2,... as body data type in API Catalog.
RDAPI-23173 01231941 01232072 Issue: API Manager unable to import Swagger definitions containing nested allOf schemata. Resolution: Swagger definitions with nested allOf schemata are imported.
RDAPI-23191 01231602 Issue: Query parameter validation allows an empty parameter value as a default, this goes against the OpenAPI specification. Resolution: Validation now adheres to the spec but the default behaviour can be determined by using the following JVM Setting. To permit empty query parameters by default, add the following line to the apigateway/conf/jvm.xml: <VMArg name="-Dcom.vordel.coreapireg.runtime.broker.parameters.allowEmptyDefault=true" />
RDAPI-23195 01232219 01236906 Issue: External OAuth security in a front-end API produces an invalid OAS3 document. Resolution: Downloaded OAS3 document is now valid.
RDAPI-23451 01239111 Issue: Verb field in API Method definition form is editable and vulnerable to an XSS attack. Resolution: Verb field is no longer editable and vulnerable to XSS attack. It can be only set by selecting a value from a given list.
RDAPI-23472 01236639 Issue: API key incorrectly passed to backend even when “remove credentials on success” is chosen. Resolution: API Key is removed after a successful authentication when “remove credentials on success” is chosen.
RDAPI-23513 01241098 Issue: Back-end APIs with duplicated parameters were imported silently, there’s not alert about the duplicated parameters. Resolution: When Swagger 1.x or Swagger 2 APIs with duplicate parameters are imported, each duplication is reported as an error for the customer to review as the API may exhibit problems at runtime.
RDAPI-23616 01239777 Issue: The migration REST API for application doesn’t work in API Gateway Januar 21 update. Resolution: If the export options.filename option isn’t set, the /migrate/applications/export/download API returns an internal server error indicating the error condition. The API also accepts override of the export options.filename option if a filename is provided as part of the request, otherwise the options.filename is used.
RDAPI-23683 01243563 01245489 Issue: External OAuth device authentication failures are not written in the apigateway/events log. Only successful authentications are logged. Resolution: External OAuth device authentication failures are properly written in the apigateway/events log.
RDAPI-23685 01243959 Issue: API Manager runtime was rejecting requests pertaining to APIs that contained parameters with special characters; the logic used to perform the parameter definition lookup was incorrect when dealing with such parameters. Resolution: The API Manager runtime logic has been updated to better cater for such use-cases.
RDAPI-23727 01246357 Issue: API Management January 21 release loads API Manager applications page twice. Resolution: Applications page loaded once in API Manager.
RDAPI-23772 01213157 01213178 Issue: Configuring multiple certificate realms on the same device slot result in private keys not being loaded for user being already logged in. Resolution: PKCS11 errors for user already logged in and library already initialized will no longer avoid private keys from being loaded. Issue: Using a SoftHSM that requires same OpenSSL version as product results in a dead lock or crash on startup. Resolution: PKCS11 providers are now loaded out of OpenSSL’s initialization phase to avoid locking conflicts.

Known issues

The following are known issues for this update.

Internal ID Description
RDAPI-16486 Changes in the mapper always require a reload in the Execute Data Maps filter and once reloaded then providing values for the required parameters must be repeated
RDAPI-17282 Connector for Salesforce APIs in API Manager doesn’t work or is impossible to configure
RDAPI-17395 APIGW Analytics - no data in DB during DB unavailability
RDAPI-18332 “Try-it” for API-Method is not working
RDAPI-18523 Inconsistent application search behaviour relating to application sharing
RDAPI-18601 EMT environmentalisation issue
RDAPI-18986 projpack is unable to merge projects after projupgrade; likely due to Default APIManager policies
RDAPI-18990 “Failed to delete undefined” window pops up unexpectedly when attempting to delete application
RDAPI-19217 Inconsistency between Application Developers and Account Settings pages in Manager
RDAPI-19292 When an APIM admin user’s login name is changed, the user is directed to a blank page
RDAPI-19293 API Catalog Try It shows only the first security device of a security profile
RDAPI-19334 Access to retired APIs is not removed from other organizations as expected
RDAPI-19436 API approve/enable functionality for an organization does not show on application view
RDAPI-19442 Saving Mode Stuck for the Application Creation in different session
RDAPI-19601 Sharing section of Application issue when Organization of application changed
RDAPI-19742 API metrics ignore an API’s organization
RDAPI-19743 API Broker not shown in circuit path on all failures
RDAPI-20527 xml2json filter, unable to use xml with valid namespace syntax
RDAPI-20593 Issue with Authentication profiles related to permethod override
RDAPI-20594 When a token is revoked with an incorrect Authorization header, the response is 400 instead of 401
RDAPI-20726 How to get attribute value for apimgmt.application.id
RDAPI-20742 Inconsistent deletion of Environmentalized Settings
RDAPI-20952 NullPointerException when opening a project with dependencies
RDAPI-21009 Issue after updating API Manager settings through rest api if lockUserAccount is missing
RDAPI-21061 updated error message, OAS3 file import without servers section url
RDAPI-21171 Minor UI issue affecting pagination in API keys and Oauth client credentials
RDAPI-21188 AWS SQS Poller does not seem to pass SQS Attributes
RDAPI-21211 APIM doesn’t support SOAP 1.1 Binding for MTOM 1.0
RDAPI-21275 Application default quota in days produces “Cannot instantiate API constraint” error
RDAPI-21295 XSD files are not downloaded when Use client registry is enabled
RDAPI-21325 Improve load time performance of the Applications screen
RDAPI-21332 Cassandra 2.2.12 Vulnerabilities from latest scan
RDAPI-21384 Webservice (WSDL-based) responds with 500 instead of 405 when an invalid HTTP method is used
RDAPI-21411 Inconsistent treatment of multiple scopes in Oauth request
RDAPI-21423 Quota values getting re-initialized just after clicking quota text box
RDAPI-21438 Search box for Applications will not accept certain Unicode characters
RDAPI-21456 Application export doesn’t include external credential
RDAPI-21514 Policy shortcut chain filter corrupts priority order when altering the sequence
RDAPI-21653 Custom Property Maximum Size
RDAPI-21675 API Gateway Manager > Messaging > {Queue}: display issue long name queue
RDAPI-21680 Method PATCH not visible api gateway - traffic monitor http filter
RDAPI-21770 Incorrect semantics of negated match types like IS_NOT in Compare Attribute filter
RDAPI-21875 User creation failing under small load
RDAPI-22147 API Manager GUI - API sorting issue
RDAPI-22164 Policy Studio UX issue, shows original, non environmentalized URL for DB
RDAPI-22197 Report display issue
RDAPI-22204 Wrong documentation on API Manager Swagger/OAS for corsOrigins
RDAPI-22221 libxml Error while importing WSDL
RDAPI-22331 automated submission form protection for forgottenpassword
RDAPI-22333 OAS 3 import implicitly requires a “servers” object, which should not be mandatory
RDAPI-22425 Missing HTTP Security Headers
RDAPI-22430 Issues removing custom policies from API Manager
RDAPI-22452 On APIMgr monitoring, application id is displayed instead of application name
RDAPI-22455 Self crosssite scripting vulnerability in API Manager
RDAPI-22459 Accept header in per-method override is not replacing header
RDAPI-22513 Package properties not visible, PS and CS tools on Linux
RDAPI-22599 APIM does accept colon (:) in query parameter name
RDAPI-22624 API GW audit.log cannot handle UTF-8, unlike trace log.
RDAPI-22671 XPath wizard - Unexpected behavior of ‘Evaluate’ button
RDAPI-22756 No longer able to search applications by ID on API Manager 7.7
RDAPI-22760 setting for EMT offload of audit.log files
RDAPI-22763 Need Support for McAfee Scan Engine 6200
RDAPI-22764 Slowness with APIGateway Policy Studio, Windows ver 1803 and 1809
RDAPI-22857 Renaming the apiadmin user via the server settings fails
RDAPI-22954 swagger imports fine, but comes out with error from catalog 2.0 link
RDAPI-22987 APIM login endpoint stops responding when pod has been running for 30 days
RDAPI-23017 Bigmsg leaks when client resets abruptly
RDAPI-23220 APIG crash caused by regular expression redaction
RDAPI-23222 Unable to create user as error pop up is displayed
RDAPI-23304 Trace file level is not persistent after Dynamic Setting change
RDAPI-23326 Cassandra CVE-2020-13946
RDAPI-23363 API Gateway does not support session recovery with SoftHSM dynamic instances
RDAPI-23379 API Catalog shows http and https base urls, customer wants only https
RDAPI-23470 STARTTLS broken in most SMTP modalities
RDAPI-23471 if custom API Proxy broker, customized backend service url is not kept in serviceprofiles in .dat export
RDAPI-23473 Packet sniffing
RDAPI-23553 JWT Decrypt filter not failing with invalid key
RDAPI-23557 TraceRedactor error:java.lang.RuntimeException: regex error with code: -10
RDAPI-23571 OAuth access tokens can be refreshed even after expiration when Cassandra TTL is NULL
RDAPI-23601 add header in inbound security for frontend doesn’t appear anymore in params.header
RDAPI-23654 ANM logs passwords in plain text at DATA level
RDAPI-23655 When an APIM administrator changes a user’s password, the user’s session should be ended
RDAPI-23658 Deploy fails to an instance in API Manager group
RDAPI-23661 API Gateway replaces form-data characters in request
RDAPI-23665 Cert chain not imported when certificate is imported from a URL ending in “.local”
RDAPI-23696 No UUID Validation for API Key
RDAPI-23727 jan21 apimng loads application page twice
RDAPI-23729 Import config fragment produces inconsistent results when an API is partially imported in REST API reporsitory
RDAPI-23715 SSO users in API Manager are not logged out when logging out of API Portal

Scripting filter whiteboard attributes not preloaded for Jython scripts

The Scripting filter now uses a Jython 2.7 scripting environment (previously, Jython 2.5) to execute Jython scripts. As a result of this version change, the whiteboard attributes, such as http.request.uri and http.request.verb, are no longer preloaded for use by Jython scripts. However, you can run a Jython script to load these attributes before they are accessed as follows:

from com.vordel.trace import Trace

def invoke(msg):
    Trace.info("This trace statement was generated in script filter!  [" + str(msg.get("http.request.verb")) + "] [" + str(msg.get("http.request.uri")) + "]")
    return True

Related Issue: RDAPI-21363

When an API Gateway instance is started, Xerces SAXParserImpl writes warnings to the error console

At API Gateway instance startup, the following warnings are logged to the error console, as opposed to the trace log:

Warning: org.apache.xerces.jaxp.SAXParserImpl$JAXPSAXParser: Property 'http://javax.xml.XMLConstants/property/accessExternalDTD' is not recognized.
Warning: org.apache.xerces.jaxp.SAXParserImpl$JAXPSAXParser: Property 'http://www.oracle.com/xml/jaxp/properties/entityExpansionLimit' is not recognized.

These new properties were added in JAXP 1.5 specification, which is supported by the embedded implementation in the JRE but not supported yet in Xerces-J Apache implementation. These are harmless warning messages, which are written to the error console instead of throwing an exception if a property is not supported by the Apache Xerces-J implementation.

Related Issue: RDAPI-22218

No VAPI matched request after upgrade from 7.5.3 SP12 using inbound security policy

If the following errors are present in the API Gateway traces when the instance is started, then there is a duplicate remote host configuration in API Gateway and API Manager configurations.

Duplicate remote host error:

ERROR 11/Mar/2021:11:10:27.207 [6dc4:000000000000000000000000] Failed to configure module:
com.vordel.api.common.ForbiddenException: PolicyStudio-registered remote host with name 'backend' and port '8080' already exists
 at com.vordel.apiportal.api.portal.controller.RemoteHostController.checkRemoteHost(RemoteHostController.java:616)
 at com.vordel.apiportal.api.portal.controller.RemoteHostController.updateRemoteHost(RemoteHostController.java:188)
 at com.vordel.apiportal.config.PortalConfiguration.addRemoteHosts(PortalConfiguration.java:354)
 at com.vordel.apiportal.config.PortalConfiguration.configure(PortalConfiguration.java:295)

Failure to configure circuit for VAPI error:

ERROR 11/Mar/2021:11:21:11.096 [6fb9:000000000000000000000000] Error configuring circuit for Front End (Proxy) API called [AA Petstore], Version [1.0.5], Organization [c33c32c5-f32e-4e38-8c52-1f149b7ebe9d]
ERROR 11/Mar/2021:11:21:11.096 [6fb9:000000000000000000000000] Error processing VAPI change event EventTimestamp [entityType=VIRTUALIZED_API, entityId=da281a2f-4e4d-4ce0-8747-a17614978a7f, eventType=CREATEUPDATE]:
 at com.vordel.apiportal.runtime.AuthenticationPolicySecurityDevice.exists(AuthenticationPolicySecurityDevice.java:182)
 at com.vordel.apiportal.runtime.AuthenticationPolicySecurityDevice.configure(AuthenticationPolicySecurityDevice.java:73)

To circumvent this problem, edit the API Gateway server configuration using Policy Studio and remove the duplicate remote host definition from Environment Configuration > Listeners, then deploy the updated configuration back to the server or servers in a group.

Related Issue: RDAPI-23549

Policy Studio cannot upgrade Nodemanager or Analytics projects on import

Policy Studio cannot directly open or import Nodemanager or Anlytics projects or .fed files in this update. You must use the tools projupgrade and upgradeconfig, located in the posix/bin/ folder, to upgrade the resources before they are imported in Policy Studio.

Related Issue: RDAPI-23867


There are no major changes in this update.

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