Administer API Manager

Administer and configure API Manager, and learn how to create, virtualize, and manage web-based APIs.

Set up API Manager

Learn how to enable API Manager after installation, and how to configure it with signed certificates, monitoring, and HTTP proxy servers.

Configure API Manager settings in Policy Studio

Configure settings that apply to API Manager and the underlying API Gateway in Policy Studio.

Get started with API Manager

Quick summary of the steps required to register and virtualize an API in API Manager.

Register REST APIs in API Manager

Create or import a back-end REST API in API Manager.

Virtualize REST APIs in API Manager

Virtualize a registered back-end API as a publicly exposed front-end API.

Example: Configure OAuth (External) security for a front-end API

This example shows how to configure API Gateway and API Manager to secure a front-end API using an OAuth (External) security device.

Manage access to APIs

Manage quotas, OAuth authorizations, organizations, and users in API Manager.

Consume APIs in API Manager

Consume APIs and manage client applications.

Monitor APIs and applications in API Manager

View metrics on all invoked APIs and client applications in the system.

Configure API Manager custom policies

Overview of API Manager custom policies. How to add custom routing policies, enforce global policies, and add fault handler policies.

Configure REST API routing based on version query string

Host different API versions on a single base path in API Manager and distinguish between them using a query string parameter.

Configure API method-level authorization for client applications

Control which applications have access to which API methods using API method-level authorization in API Manager.

Promote managed APIs between environments

Different approaches you can use to promote APIs between environments.

Customize API Manager

Customize API Manager features, such as generated emails and password validation, and customize API Manager data using custom properties.

Configure cloud application connectors

Connect to and manage cloud-based applications in API Manager.

Configure external LDAP identity providers

Configure policy-based integration with external identity providers using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

Configure API management alerts

Configure API Manager to generate alerts when specific events occur.