How-to guides for API management

Detailed descriptions of how to integrate API Gateway and API Manager with third-party products, and how to best set up and run components of the Amplify API Management solution within different cloud environments or on-premises.

All of the how-tos provided in this section try to answer potential setup and configuration questions for Amplify API Management, and how best to work with or to integrate with third-party tools, systems, or services. The details provided here are a collection of best practices provided by Axway consultants, sales engineers, or partners.

These best practices have been developed to cater for customers’ special integration needs that are not met in the out-of-the-box product, and they are tested and currently in use by Axway consultants or at Axway customers. These best practices are shared here to enable all Axway customers to get the best out of Amplify API Management.

Configure API Gateway for IBM MQ Server TLS

Describes how to configure API Gateway to securely connect using TLS to an IBM MQ server and keep up with changes by IBM on the server side, including how to configure TLS communication on API Gateway for different IBM MQ server versions.

Best practices for running API management in Docker containers

A collection of tips and tricks for deploying and operating Amplify API Management in Docker containers.

Deploy API Gateway with Axway docker images

This how-to guide describes a high-level introduction to deploy the API Gateway with mounted volumes utilizing Axway images or custom-built images. It describes where to download the images and sample configuration files from, and how to configure an API Gateway, Admin Node Manager, or Analytics docker container to use a persisted volume for customized configuration.

Deploy API Gateway using Helm

Follow this section to install API Gateway and API Manager using a Helm chart.

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