Install API Gateway

Install API Gateway components on all supported platforms.

Verify PGP signature of downloaded resources

Verify installers and updates using Pretty Good Privacy (PGP).

Quick start installation

Perform a quick start installation of API Gateway on Linux.

System requirements

Supported platforms and other system requirements for API Gateway, and specific requirements for API Gateway components.

Plan the deployment

Guidance on platforms, components, high availability, and connections to other products when planning your deployment.


Install API Gateway on Linux using the provided installer.

Unattended installation

Run the API Gateway installer or the developer tools installer in unattended mode.

Install an Apache Cassandra database

Install Apache Cassandra to store data for API Manager or API Gateway client registry (API key and OAuth).

Install developer tools on Windows

Install Policy Studio, Configuration Studio, or Package and deployment tools on Windows.

Install the API Gateway server

The API Gateway server is the main runtime environment consisting of an API Gateway instance and a Node Manager.

Install the QuickStart tutorial

The QuickStart tutorial demonstrates the main API Gateway features and tools, and lets you invoke example APIs and monitor your API Gateway.

Install the Admin Node Manager

Install an Admin Node Manager component in isolation without an API Gateway license.

Install Policy Studio

Policy Studio is a graphical IDE that allows you to virtualize APIs and develop policies.

Install Configuration Studio

Configuration Studio is a graphical tool that allows you to configure environment-specific properties to deploy APIs and policies in non-development environments.

Install Discovery and Traceability agents

Prerequisites and steps for installing Discovery and Traceability agents.

Install API Manager

Prerequisites and steps for installing and starting API Manager.

Install the Package and Deploy tools

Install tools to automate processes for continuous integration.

Install API Gateway Analytics

API Gateway Analytics is a server runtime and web UI that allows you to analyze API usage over extended periods of time.

Install and configure a metrics database

Create and configure a database for monitoring in API Gateway Analytics, API Manager, and third-party tools.


Tasks to perform after installing API Gateway.

Update API Gateway with a service pack or patch

Apply service packs or patches to API Gateway components.

License acknowledgments

Acknowledgements for third-party toolkits.