Administer Apache Cassandra

Configure and manage the Apache Cassandra database for API Gateway and API Manager.

Apache Cassandra is a highly scalable distributed NO-SQL database that provides high service availability.

Cassandra is required to store data for API Manager. You can optionally use Cassandra to store data for API Gateway components such as the Key Property Store (KPS), OAuth, and API keys.

For details on how to install the Cassandra database see Install an Apache Cassandra database.

Cassandra deployment architectures

This section describes the Cassandra deployment architectures supported by API Gateway.

Configure a highly available Cassandra cluster

Set up an Apache Cassandra database cluster for high availability (HA) of your API Gateway system.

Apache Cassandra best practices

Follow the best practices in this section to achieve a stable Apache Cassandra environment, and to prevent data integrity and performance issues.

Manage Apache Cassandra

Start or stop Cassandra manually or as a service.

Apache Cassandra backup and restore

Learn how to back up and restore Cassandra.

Perform essential Apache Cassandra operations

Perform the minimum essential operations that are required to maintain a healthy Apache Cassandra high availability (HA) cluster

Configure Cassandra clusters with the setup-cassandra script

Configure a Cassandra cluster with the setup-cassandra script.

Cassandra troubleshooting

Troubleshoot problems you might encounter when running Cassandra with API Gateway.