Run API Gateway in FIPS mode

Run an API Gateway instance or a Policy Studio client in FIPS mode.

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API Gateway supports Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS). When running an API Gateway instance or a Policy Studio client in FIPS mode, the following FIPS-certified cryptographic modules are enabled and invoked for all FIPS-compliant cryptographic algorithms:

Cryptographic Module FIPS 140-2 Certificate Number
Entrust Authority Security Toolkit for the Java Platform v8.0 1839
OpenSSL FIPS Object Module 1747

Enable FIPS mode for an API Gateway

You can use the togglefips script to enable or disable FIPS mode for a gateway instance.

  • You can run this script only with a FIPS-enabled API Gateway license.
  • You must restart any Node Manager or API Gateway instances after running the togglefips script.
  • To enable FIPS in a multi-node domain you must run togglefips --enable on all nodes in the domain, and all API Gateway processes must be restarted.

Run the following commands:

> cd apigateway/posix/bin
> ./togglefips --enable | -e
> ./togglefips --disable | -d

Enable FIPS mode for Policy Studio

You can also enable FIPS mode for a Policy Studio client application only. To enable or disable FIPS mode in Policy Studio, perform the following steps:

  1. Select Preferences > FIPS Mode.
  2. Select Enable FIPS Mode in Axway Policy Studio.
  3. Restart Policy Studio with the clean option as follows:
policystudio -clean

You can use the same instructions to enable FIPS in Configuration Studio.

Restrictions when running in FIPS mode

When running in FIPS mode, certain gateway features are not enabled because they depend on non-FIPS compliant algorithms.

The following features cannot be run when the gateway is running in FIPS mode:

  • HTTP digest authentication filter
  • Kerberos authentication where MD5, DES, and other non-FIPS compliant algorithms are used

For a complete list of non-FIPS compliant algorithms and cipher suites configured in all crypto-related filters and interfaces in Policy Studio, select Tools > Check Security Constraints > FIPS, and view the output on the pane on the right.

Engines are not supported in FIPS mode

Since OpenSSL 3.0 has moved from Engines to Providers, OPENSSL_ENGINES are no longer supported in FIPS mode. For FIPS compliance, you must use Provider APIs.

Further information

For more details on FIPS, see Federal Information Processing Standards Publications (FIPS PUBS).