Administer API Portal

Customize and configure API Portal.

API Portal is a self-service developer portal that enables client application developers to browse and consume APIs for use in their applications. API Portal enables engagement with both internal and external application developers to promote APIs for consumption.

API Portal overview

Learn the key capabilities and features of API Portal.

Customize API Portal look and feel

Customize the look and feel of API Portal with your own logos, colors, and so on.

Customize CSS styles

Customize CSS styles directly or create a custom CSS stylesheet.

Customize API Catalog

Customize how your APIs are displayed to your API consumers and what actions they can perform.

Additional customizations

Customize other features of your API Portal, such as sign up, login, and application settings.

Localization of API Portal

You can localize the API Portal user interface to use another language, or change time and date formats.

Configure Public API mode

Expose APIs and applications publicly to users who are not logged in to your API Portal.

Configure user groups mapping

Map API Manager user roles to Joomla! user groups.

Supported log files

Learn about the different types of logs that API Portal creates, where they are located, what is their purposes, and how you can use the logs for debugging and troubleshooting errors.

Manage privacy and personal data

Learn how API Portal supports customers subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to provide transparency and control in compliance with the GDPR.

Troubleshooting API Portal

General troubleshooting steps for API Portal, as well as specific problems and recommended solutions.