Deploy API Gateway configuration to production

Promote and deploy API Gateway configuration in development, testing, and production environments.

Promotion and deployment involves moving API Gateway configuration from one environment to another (for example, from development to testing to production), and configuring environment-specific values so that the configuration can be deployed in each environment.

Before deploying API Gateway configuration in a production environment, consult the API Gateway Administrator Guide for information on planning and managing an API Gateway system in production.

Deployment and promotion overview

Understand deployment and promotion concepts, including API Gateway configuration and configuration packages.

Deployment and promotion tasks

Understand the main tasks involved in developing, promoting, and deploying API Gateway configuration.

Example promotion and deployment

Use case example on how to promote configuration from a development environment to a testing environment.

Team development overview

Understand team development concepts and features.

Team development best practices

Recommended best practices for creating API Gateway team development projects.

Manage project dependencies

Manage dependencies on common resources.

Promotion and deployment scripts

Use sample scripts to automate environmentalizing and promoting API Gateway configuration.

Packaging and deployment tools

Use the package and deployment tools to automate packaging, deploying, and upgrading configuration for continuous integration.