API Manager response codes

HTTP response codes that the API Manager runtime can return when a transaction is terminated by an API Manager-enabled API Gateway.

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Response code Response text Reason
400 Bad Request Malformed URI received, or content-type checking failed, or parameter validation failed, or unable to resolve path parameters, or unable to encode outbound parameters as UTF-8.
401 Unauthorized Authentication failure (Inbound security device authentication failed)
403 Forbidden Authorization failure (API being invoked has not been granted access to the application associated with the presented client credentials), or presented CORS Origin does not match Javascript Origin configured for the presented client credentials.
404 No match found for request Unable to find a matched API method
404 General Exception Generic error thrown by the underlying API Gateway (on which the API Manager runtime is running) when an unexpected exception occurs
405 Method Not Allowed No match found for the presented verb/path combination (there may be a match on path, but not on verb)
429 Too Many Requests Configured quota has been exceeded
500 Internal Server Error Generic error returned when an unexpected exception occurs (for example, Cassandra not reachable)
500 Unexpected API invocation
504 Gateway Timeout Gateway times out when attempting to contact a back-end service via the Connection or Connect to URL filter