Troubleshoot an upgrade or an update

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General troubleshooting steps for problems you might encounter when upgrading API Gateway using the sysupgrade commands from versions 7.5x and 7.6x to 7.7, or when you are installing a 7.7.x One Version update, as well as specific problems and recommended solutions.

Unable to connect to Metrics DB after applying update

After applying 7.7 May 22 update, the secure connection to the Metrics DB fails with “Communications link failure”.
The latest JRE upgrade has increased security by making TLSv1.3 the only protocol supported out of the box. If the MySQL server is setup to support a highest version of TLSv1.2, then you must change the DB URL with following option.

Out of memory error when running upgrade

When upgrading a large configuration the upgrade command fails with an out of memory error.
Some configurations are very large and need memory to be increased above the default values.

To increase the memory, perform the following steps:

  1. Edit the -Xmx setting in the apigateway/system/conf/jvm.xml file to specify a value (for example, 2048) instead of the default. The value required depends on the size of your configuration.

    The following example shows how to change it to 2048.

    Default -Xmx value:

    <if property="maxHeap">
    <VMArg name="-Xmx${maxHeap}"/>

    -Xmx value of 2048:

    <if property="maxHeap">
    <VMArg name="-Xmx2048"/>
  2. Rerun the upgrade command.

Apply was run before export was run on all nodes

You want to upgrade the remaining nodes in a multi-node domain, but you have already run export, upgrade, and apply on the first Admin Node Manager in the domain.
In this case, you did not follow the rule that export must run on all nodes in a multi-node domain before apply is run on any node.

This means that you have API Gateway processes from the new installation running on the first Admin Node Manager, (for example, NodeA), but have other nodes (for example, NodeB and NodeC) that are still running API Gateway processes from the old installation.

To upgrade NodeB and NodeC, perform the following steps:

  1. Shut down the API Gateway processes in the new installation on NodeA and then start up the API Gateway processes in the old installation on NodeA.

  2. Ensure that the API Gateway processes from the old installation are still running on NodeB and NodeC.

  3. Run export on NodeB.

  4. Run upgrade on NodeB.

  5. Run export on NodeC.

  6. Run upgrade on NodeC.

  7. Shut down the API Gateway processes in the old installation on all nodes.

  8. Start the API Gateway processes on the new 7.7 installation on NodeA.

  9. Run apply on NodeB.

  10. Run apply on NodeC.

Group inconsistency errors

Group inconsistency error at export, but groups are not inconsistent in the old installation.
This error occurs if a remote Node Manager is down. Restart the remote Node Manager and rerun the export command.

KPS data missing after upgrade

After running apply on all nodes, some KPS data appears to be missing.
Use the import-kps command. This command is available in your API Gateway installation directory (for example, /opt/Axway-7.7/apigateway/upgrade/bin).

The following table summarizes the import-kps command options:

Option Description Required
--help Display help for the import-kps command only. -
--anm_host Specify the topology host name of the Admin Node Manager in the old API Gateway installation you are using to export the data. We recommend that you specify the first Admin Node Manager host that you are upgrading, and you must use the same value on every node. Only required if multiple Admin Node Managers in upgraded topology.
--username Specify the Admin Node Manager user name. Yes (prompted if not specified).
--password Specify the Admin Node Manager password. Yes (prompted if not specified).

API Gateways missing from topology after upgrade

You ran apply successfully on all nodes, but API Gateways are missing from your topology.
If you are upgrading a topology with multiple Admin Node Managers, you must pass the host name of the first Admin Node Manager you upgraded to the apply command on all nodes.

For example, if you have three nodes as follows:

  • NodeA: Admin Node Manager and API Gateway1 in Group1
  • NodeB: Node Manager and API Gateway1A in Group1
  • NodeC: Admin Node Manager and API Gateway2 in Group2

If you run apply incorrectly as follows:

  • NodeA: sysupgrade apply --anm_host NodeA
  • NodeB: sysupgrade apply --anm_host NodeA
  • NodeC: sysupgrade apply --anm_host NodeC

Everything appears to upgrade successfully. However, you now have two separate domains in your new 7.7 installation. If you log in to https://NodeA:8090, you will see API Gateway1 and API Gateway1A. If you log in to https://NodeC:8090, you will see API Gateway2.

To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Stop all API Gateway processes in the new installation on NodeC.

  2. Rerun apply on NodeC as follows:

    sysupgrade apply --anm_host NodeA
  3. When this command completes, NodeC joins the domain where NodeA is the first Admin Node Manager.

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