Install or upgrade API Portal

Install API Portal components on all supported platforms, or upgrade an existing API Portal installation.

Software installation prerequisites

Your system must meet these prerequisites before you can install API Portal.

Install Apache HTTP server and PHP

Install and configure database server

Configure your MySQL or MariaDB database server before you install API Portal.

Install API Portal

Install or uninstall API Portal on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or CentOS.

Configure Elasticsearch

Configure Elasticsearch to improve API and Applications management performance.

Configure Redis cache

Configure a Redis cache to improve the performance of your API catalog.

Connect API Portal to API Manager

Connect API Portal to API Manager to leverage the user registry and API Catalog stored and managed in API Manager.

Configure TLS authentication with API Manager

Configure API Portal and API Manager Mutual TLS authentication to increase the level of security of your API Portal.

Secure API Portal

Secure and harden your API Portal environment after installation.

Unattended installation

Install or uninstall API Portal in unattended mode.

Upgrade API Portal

Upgrade your existing API Portal to version 7.7.