Extend API Gateway

Extend and customize API Gateway to suit the needs of your environment.

Install and build code samples

Install and build API Gateway code samples.

Add a custom filter to API Gateway

Extend the capability of API Gateway by adding a custom filter.

Write a custom filter using the extension kit

Write a custom filter using the API Gateway developer extension kit.

Define custom filter user interfaces

Use declarative XML to define the Policy Studio user interfaces for a custom filter.

Test and debug a custom filter

Create JUnit tests, debug custom Java code, and get detailed diagnostic information for a custom filter.

Java interfaces for extending API Gateway

Learn about the Java interfaces that can be used to extend API Gateway.

Complex selector expressions

Use complex selector expressions to access configuration values dynamically at runtime.

Entity Store

Learn about the Entity Store (ES) and the ES Explorer tool.

Enable API Gateway with JMX

Set up Java Management Extensions to allow remote clients to connect to a JVM and manage or monitor running applications.

Automate tasks with Jython scripts

Learn more about API Gateway Jython sample scripts that you can use to automate common administration tasks.


API Gateway exposes services as REST APIs, which provide access and basic CRUD operations for the service resources.