API Gateway and API Manager 7.7 May 2021 Release Notes

API Gateway and API Manager updates are cumulative, comprising new features and changes delivered in previous updates unless specifically indicated otherwise in the Release notes.

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Update a container deployment

Any custom .fed files deployed to a container must be upgraded using upgradeconfig or projupgrade. They must be upgraded the same way, regardless of whether they are API Manager enabled or not. The .fed files contain the updates for the API Manager configuration and can be used to build containers.

New features and enhancements

The following new features and enhancements are available in this update.

Dependency view and revoke access to front-end APIs

API Manager allows Organization Administrators and API Administrators to grant access to their APIs within any organization. Now, you can also view the usage of APIs, where access has been granted to organizations and their applications, as well as revoking their access. For more information, see Manage API access.

Import APIs over HTTPS through a HTTPS proxy server

It is now possible to send an API download request to a HTTPS proxy server over HTTPS. This ensures the confidentiality of the download request as the request is sent over HTTPS.

If using a proxy server to import APIs is a requirement, then it is recommended to do so by using a HTTPS Proxy server. For more information, see Configure a proxy server.

YAML configuration store (GA)

The YAML configuration store feature reached General Availability (GA) in this update of API Gateway, and it is now production-ready.

The YAML configuration store provides a more CI/CD/DevOps and developer-friendly means for creating and managing API Gateway configuration. Tooling is provided, which allows for the conversion of the federated configuration into YAML fragments that can be managed using standard DevOps tools, moving away from a proprietary team development approach. This enables the use of standard source control and DevOps tools that facilitate and encourage a better and more collaborative experience.

This initiative focuses on:​

  • Fine-grained configuration for an improved development collaboration experience​.
  • Managing configuration as code for a developer-friendly​ experience.
  • Design for improved DevOps capability (CLI tooling, extended environmentalization).

We strongly encourage our customers to explore the possibilities of the new configuration format and provide feedback to us on this experience.

For more information, see:

To follow-up on what’s coming based on this capability, see API Management Roadmap.

Update API Gateway with technical preview YAML configurations deployed

This procedure is valid for API Gateway May 21 update only. Later versions will upgrade the YAML configuration automatically when running a service pack update.

Perform these steps to update an API Gateway installation, which has YAML configuration from the March 21 update deployed:

  1. For each API Gateway installation, back up your deployed YAML configurations.
  2. Deploy a simple federated store, as a placeholder, to replace all deployed YAML configurations. For example, a configuration created with Policy Studio using a template.
  3. Stop any running gateways.
  4. Run yamles upgrade --targz on your backed up configuration to create a .tar.gz file. For more information, see Upgrade YAML configuration.
  5. Update API Gateway server.
  6. Deploy your upgraded YAML configurations, using managedomain or projdeploy scripts, to replace the placeholder configuration. For more information, see Package and deploy a YAML configuration.

Support for MariaDB 10.5

The product now supports MariaDB 10.5.

For more information, see Install and configure a metrics database.

Important changes

It is important, especially when upgrading from an earlier version, to be aware of the following changes in the behavior or operation of the product in this update, which may impact on your current installation.

Notice of schedule change for updates

The cadence of the updates for API Gateway, API Manager, and API Portal is changing. From the May update onwards, the update schedule will change from every two months to every three months.

Embedded ActiveMQ host name verification

Host name verification was introduced to alleviate a potential CWE-933 security risk, and it is enabled by default on the Embedded ActiveMQ cluster of new API Gateway installations, which choose to use Embedded Active MQ with SSL enabled. Host name verification is now disabled for customers who use Embedded Active MQ with SSL enabled or who are updating or upgrading the product, as this will result in JMS queues unable to service requests. Enabling host name verification when using SSL is a more secure option and should be considered as part of the upgrade.

Note that enabling host name verification requires a certificate update. For more information, see Embedded ActiveMQ settings in Policy Studio.

INSTALL_DIR/apigateway folder permissions changed

The permissions on INSTALL_DIR/apigateway folder have been restricted down on Linux from 755 to 750 (read/write/execute for owner, read/execute for group, no permissions for world) to provide additional protection for sensitive content, including files and sub-folders. With this change, access is denied to users who are not an owner or part of the group read, write, and execute permissions.

Changes to JWT Verify filter

There are new output options that can be configured for the JWT Verify filter in Policy Studio. For more information, see JWT Verify - Output.

Analytics CSP Header

For users of the Analytics application, the default Content Security Policy header for Analytics has been enhanced to be more restrictive and secure in the content which it accepts. If loading non-standard content into the Analytics UI, you might need to adjust the CSP headers setting in envProps.settings, under the env.ANALYTICS.CONTENTSECURITYPOLICY field.

Authorization records threshold

Some customers with large number of OAuth tokens have experienced a significant slowdown in response times within API Manager after logging in. To address this situation two changes have been made. Firstly, OAuth authorizations are now only loaded when a user visits the OAuth Authorizations screen itself. Secondly, because of the limited ability of Cassandra to paginate data, a Java system property has been introduced whereby the screen is no longer populated if the number of tokens is above a configured threshold. The property is called com.vordel.oauthAuthorizationRecordsThreshold, and it defaults to -1, meaning no change in behavior compared to before. Setting this value to, for example, 10000, means that if there are more than ten thousand tokens in the Cassandra table, then the screen is not populated and a warning message is display to inform the user.

Replacement of MD5 hashed API Gateway configuration files with SHA256

API Gateway configuration files were previously provided with an accompanying MD5 hashed version, to provide a means of verifying data integrity. The MD5 version of the files has now been removed and replaced with a stronger hashed version using SHA256. Customers that have carried out integrity checks on the MD5 version should now switch to the SHA256 files instead.

New SHA-256 hash algorithm option on SFTP server fingerprint check

To improve security in API Gateway, a new SHA-256 hash algorithm option was added to File Upload and File Download routing filters, and FTP Poller on SFTP server fingerprint check.

The SHA-256 algorithm option is designed to replace the existing MD5 algorithm, and it is advisable to use it now as it is more secure.

Deprecated features

As part of our software development life cycle we constantly review our API Management offering. In this update, the following capabilities have been deprecated:

Antivirus filters

In the January 2020 update, we announced the deprecation of all the Antivirus filters in API Gateway. This is a reminder that in August 2021 we will remove the Antivirus filters from API Gateway. So, we recommend you to use the API Gateway’s ICAP capability, which allows the gateway to integrate with ICAP capable external virus scanners.

Packet Sniffing

The packet sniffing capability is deprecated from this update. The removal date of this feature will be communicated in upcoming releases. The packet sniffing capability addresses very specific edge cases, and as there are more mature opensource tools available, it is not seen as a strategic capability for API Gateway.

SFTP server fingerprint check (MD5 hash algorithm)

SFTP server fingerprint check using MD5 hash algorithm is deprecated on File Upload, File Download, and FTP Poller for security reasons, and will be removed in the future. You must use SHA-256 instead.

End of Support notices

The following items are end of support (EOS):

  • MariaDB 5.5

Removed features

No capabilities have been removed in this update.

Fixed issues

This version of API Gateway and API Manager includes:

  • Fixes from all 7.5.3, 7.6.2, and 7.7 service packs released prior to this version. For details of all the service pack fixes included, see the corresponding SP Readme attached to each service pack on Axway Support.
  • Fixes from all 7.7 updates released prior to this version. For details of all the update fixes included, see the corresponding Release note for each 7.7 update.

Fixed security vulnerabilities

Internal ID Case ID Cve Identifier Description
RDAPI-21747 CWE-933 Issue: TLS host name verification is not configurable and cannot be enabled for Embedded ActiveMQ. Resolution: TLS host name verification is now configurable, and it is enabled by default.
RDAPI-23017 01227628 01255903 Issue: Transaction data spilled to disk as bigmsg file is not purged when an error occurs while writing the file. Resolution: Incomplete transaction data is now purged by garbage collector when no longer referenced.
RDAPI-23470 01201884 01230910 01232914 01259400 Issue: SMTP Servers configured with TLS/SSL security in API Gateway failed to do a proper handshake and send emails. Resolution: Ensured that SMTP servers configured with TLS/SSL security in API Gateway do a proper handshake based on connection type and send emails successfully.
RDAPI-23668 CWE-350 Issue: DNS re-branding in NodeJS < 10.24. Resolution: The version of NodeJS shipped with API Gateway to facilitate client SDK generator was upgraded to 10.24.0.
RDAPI-23400 CWE-693 Issue: Default security headers missing in API Gateway Manager 302 responses. Resolution: Added missing default security headers.
RDAPI-23367 CWE-693 Issue: X-XSS-Header should be set to ‘1; mode=block’ by default. Resolution: Updated instances of X-XSS-Header to be ‘1; mode=block’.
RDAPI-21214 CWE-319 Issue: Insecure transport when importing API over HTTP through HTTP Proxy. Resolution: Added option to import API securely over HTTPS through HTTPS Proxy.
RDAPI-14825 CWE-89 Issue: Query string injection: Amazon Web Services. Resolution: Removed unused filter and processor from product.

Other fixed issues

Internal ID Case ID Description
RDAPI-21211 01179705 Issue: API Manager does not support SOAP MTOM definitions. Resolution: SOAP definitions that use MTOM are now supported in API Manager, existing SOAP MTOM definitions will need to be re-imported. There is a new jvm flag to maintain the legacy SOAP 1.1 error response codes which can be set in the apigateway/conf/jvm.xml file: <ConfigurationFragment><VMArg name="-Dcom.axway.apimanager.fault.legacy.soap=true"/></ConfigurationFragment>
RDAPI-21423 01180760 Issue: Quota values getting re-initialized just after clicking Quota text box in Application Quota UI, as they are automatically saved when clicking on any of the fields. Resolution: Quota values will only get re-initialized when a change has happened in the quota. Automatically saving the same quota without any changes won’t affect the active quota.
RDAPI-21680 01189795 Issue: PATCH method cannot be chosen by the API Gateway Manager traffic monitor HTTP method filter. Resolution: PATCH has been added to the list of available methods in the filter.
RDAPI-21742 01192896 Issue: In API Manager, Applications are displayed incorrectly after the deletion of one application. Resolution: Applications are now displayed correctly.
RDAPI-22599 01216580 Issue: API Manager UI does not accept legal characters such as : or ! in parameter names. Resolution: API Manager will accept all legal characters in parameter names as per specification.
RDAPI-22857 01216014 Issue: In API Manager, user could not revert the admin username back to apiadmin after it had been updated to a different name.This was due to the old username not being deleted. Resolution: When a new username is created, the old username is deleted so that it can be created again if needed.
RDAPI-23189 01251128 01231628 Issue: In API Gateway, the XML Signature Generation filter throws an error when “Add Inclusive Namespaces for exclusive canonicalization” and “Sign timestamp” are used at the same time. Resolution: “Add Inclusive Namespaces for exclusive canonicalization” and “Sign timestamp” can now be used at the same time.
RDAPI-23220 01212326 Issue: Use of some regular expression patterns in Trace redaction and Raw redaction can generate excessive stack recursion and lead to a process crash. Resolution: A recursionLimit parameter has been added to both TraceRedactor and RawRedactor configuration elements with a default value of 1000. That limit is used to configure the regular expression execution engine (PCRE). The “recursionLimit” value is automatically lowered whenever the available thread stack size is estimated to be too small. To prevent any possible leak of data and any interruption of processing flow, the Trace Redaction mechanism will no longer raise any error and will replace the record being redacted by a description of the redaction error.
RDAPI-23304 01234002 01231601 01260483 Issue: In API Gateway Manager, setting the trace level to “From System Settings” always set the trace level to DATA instead of the current entity store trace level setting. Resolution: When the “From System Settings” trace level is selected, the entity store trace level will now be used.
RDAPI-23363 01237213 Issue: HSM calls start failing systematically when connection to HSM is lost and sessions become invalid. Resolution: HSM keys handle are now refreshed when sessions with HSM device are lost and re-established. A blocking transparent retry mechanism has been implemented so that temporary failures are recovered without any policy or connection failure. Retry options can be configured in the instance/conf/vpkcs11.xml file. Issue: Command line tool keystoreadmin fails to load PKCS11 library with error “UnsatisfiedLinkError: Error looking up function ‘C_Initialize’”. Resolution: The keystoreadmin tool is now conforming to PKCS11 standard and is only using the “C_GetFunctionList” interface call.
RDAPI-23665 01219454 01242097 Issue: Error reading certificates exception when importing certificates into API Manager and the certificate is imported from a URL ending in .local which is not a valid public domain. Resolution: The error reading certificates exception no longer occurs when importing certificates into API Manager when the certificate is imported from a URL ending in .local, which is not a valid public domain.
RDAPI-23696 01244600 Issue: Users can create items with IDs containing URL reserved characters making REST request using command line. However, the UI might become unresponsive when dealing with items containing such IDs. Resolution: API Manager UI now deals with ID that contains URL reserved characters.
RDAPI-23729 01217956 01218858 Issue: In Policy Studio, when importing an API, API methods which were not selected were still imported. Resolution: The import has been updated to correctly remove API methods that are deselected.
RDAPI-23867 01259494 Issue: On March 2021 release of Policy Studio, upgrading a .fed file containing Node Manager or Analytics fails with an error message, “Unable to find template for product”. This happens because the location of the product templates for Node Manager and Analytics was incorrect. Resolution: The location of the products templates for NodeManager and Analytics is fixed now.
RDAPI-23914 01252778 Issue: In API Manager, legacy APIs failed processing because of enum parameters validation. Resolution: You can set the new ‘com.axway.api.runtime.broker.parameters.skipEnumValidation’ Java system property to true to skip enum parameters validation during processing of user requests. Defaults to false.
RDAPI-23968 01252558 Issue: Vulnerability found in snakeyaml-1.25.jar deployed with API Gateway. Resolution: The API Gateway snakeyaml library has been updated to version 1.28. This version addresses known vulnerabilities.
RDAPI-24025 01255678 Issue: API Manager was incorrectly merging inbound transaction headers and API method outbound header parameters of the same names. Resolution: API Manager applies API method outbound header parameters instead of the inbound transaction headers of the same names.
RDAPI-24033 01254195 01254335 01255287 Issue: API Manager runtime only accepts empty values for query string parameters. Resolution: API Manager accepts empty values for any query parameter data type based on Swagger allowEmptyValue property, if this property is present. If the Swagger property is not present, the ‘com.vordel.coreapireg.runtime.broker.parameters.allowEmptyDefault’ Java system property is used instead. Defaults to false.
RDAPI-24041 01250204 Issue: The Cache Attribute filter sometimes reports that a value is not cached in a distributed cache if the same key is used repeatedly. Resolution: The Cache Attribute filter reports caching result correctly in a distributed cache if the same key is used repeatedly.
RDAPI-24049 01255678 Issue: API Manager outbound request does not forward all original header parameters of the same name. Resolution: Problem was caused by en error in API Gateway handling of multi-value headers. Only first value was returned when queried. Issue has been resolved and now API Gateway properly returns a collection of values when a multi-value header is queried.
RDAPI-24051 01252436 01252568 Issue: A product crash occurs when connecting to HTTPS server through an HTTPS proxy. Resolution: Fixed crash attempting a TLS handshake on the outgoing connection via HTTPS proxy.
RDAPI-24134 01256975 01254465 01262164 Issue: Circular dependency warning dialog is displayed incorrectly for policy circuits that do not contain circular dependency. The error log message for circular dependencies does not contain information for the full chain of circuits in which circular dependency occurs. Resolution: The error log message for circular dependencies now contains information for the full chain of circuits in which circular dependency occurs, and dialog now displays correctly. The System property suppressCircularDependencyValidationWarnings has been added to allow circular dependency warning dialog to be suppressed when the property is set to true.
RDAPI-24152 01257571 Issue: When editing an API in Policy Studio, the associated filter does not have a clearValueWhenDisabled property set to false by default. Resolution: The clearValueWhenDisabled property has been set to false by default to prevent the uriprefix field from being cleared on deselection of the “Enable this path resolver” checkbox.
RDAPI-24222 01258765 01262558 01264526 01259035 Issue: When creating a Client Access Token Store in Policy Studio it is not possible to save the Store unless the Persistence Type is set to Database. Resolution: When creating a Client Access Token Store in Policy Studio it is now possible to save the Store for any Persistence Type.
RDAPI-24223 01257725 01257310 Issue: API Manager filter OAuth Authorizations by owner not working. Resolution: OAuth Authorizations can be filtered by application name, scope, owner, or creation date (same back-end and front-end locale).
RDAPI-24266 01258234 Issue: Service Handler filter cannot be edited to change routing settings from ‘Direct Connection to Service Endpoint’ to ‘Delegate to Routing Policy’. Resolution: Service Handler filter can be edited.
RDAPI-24271 01257804 Issue: In Policy Studio, a configuration error message is shown when you press the OK button in the OAuth Edit Access Token Store dialog. Resolution: The issue is fixed and the OK button works as expected.
RDAPI-24318 01179461 Issue: Unexpected correlation ID on failure using OAuth (External) device. Resolution: The correlation ID is preserved on get token Information Policy failure from OAuth (External) device.
RDAPI-24337 01261191 Issue: The “Access Token using Client Credentials” filter could not be saved when the “Do not generate a refresh token” option is selected. Resolution: The “Access Token using Client Credentials” filter can now be saved when the “Do not generate a refresh token” option is selected.
RDAPI-21693 Issue: The Oracle OJDBC6 JDBC driver used by API Gateway and Policy Studio is out of date. Resolution: The Oracle JDBC driver used by API Gateway and Policy Studio is upgraded to OJDBC8.

Known issues

The following are known issues for this update.

Internal ID Description
RDAPI-16486 Changes in the mapper always require a reload in the Execute Data Maps filter and once reloaded then providing values for the required parameters must be repeated
RDAPI-17282 Connector for Salesforce APIs in API Manager doesn’t work or is impossible to configure
RDAPI-17395 APIGW Analytics - no data in DB during DB unavailability
RDAPI-18332 “Try-it” for API-Method is not working
RDAPI-18523 Inconsistent application search behaviour relating to application sharing
RDAPI-18601 EMT environmentalisation issue
RDAPI-18986 projpack is unable to merge projects after projupgrade; likely due to Default APIManager policies
RDAPI-18990 “Failed to delete undefined” window pops up unexpectedly when attempting to delete application
RDAPI-19217 Inconsistency between Application Developers and Account Settings pages in Manager
RDAPI-19292 When an APIM admin user’s login name is changed, the user is directed to a blank page
RDAPI-19293 API Catalog Try It shows only the first security device of a security profile
RDAPI-19334 Access to retired APIs is not removed from other organizations as expected
RDAPI-19436 API approve/enable functionality for an organization does not show on application view
RDAPI-19442 Saving Mode Stuck for the Application Creation in different session
RDAPI-19601 Sharing section of Application issue when Organization of application changed
RDAPI-19742 API metrics ignore an API’s organization
RDAPI-19743 API Broker not shown in circuit path on all failures
RDAPI-20527 xml2json filter, unable to use xml with valid namespace syntax
RDAPI-20593 Issue with Authentication profiles related to permethod override
RDAPI-20594 When a token is revoked with an incorrect Authorization header, the response is 400 instead of 401
RDAPI-20726 How to get attribute value for apimgmt.application.id
RDAPI-20742 Inconsistent deletion of Environmentalized Settings
RDAPI-20952 NullPointerException when opening a project with dependencies
RDAPI-21009 Issue after updating API Manager settings through rest api if lockUserAccount is missing
RDAPI-21061 updated error message, OAS3 file import without servers section url
RDAPI-21171 Minor UI issue affecting pagination in API keys and Oauth client credentials
RDAPI-21275 Application default quota in days produces “Cannot instantiate API constraint” error
RDAPI-21295 XSD files are not downloaded when Use client registry is enabled
RDAPI-21325 Improve load time performance of the Applications screen
RDAPI-21332 Cassandra 2.2.12 Vulnerabilities from latest scan
RDAPI-21384 Webservice (WSDL-based) responds with 500 instead of 405 when an invalid HTTP method is used
RDAPI-21411 Inconsistent treatment of multiple scopes in Oauth request
RDAPI-21438 Search box for Applications will not accept certain Unicode characters
RDAPI-21456 Application export doesn’t include external credential
RDAPI-21514 Policy shortcut chain filter corrupts priority order when altering the sequence
RDAPI-21653 Custom Property Maximum Size
RDAPI-21675 API Gateway Manager > Messaging > {Queue}: display issue long name queue
RDAPI-21770 Incorrect semantics of negated match types like IS_NOT in Compare Attribute filter
RDAPI-21875 User creation failing under small load
RDAPI-22073 [CWE-502] Deserialization of Untrusted Data via Guava - Cassandra and Configurationstudio
RDAPI-22147 API Manager GUI - API sorting issue
RDAPI-22164 Policy Studio UX issue, shows original, non environmentalized URL for DB
RDAPI-22197 Report display issue
RDAPI-22204 Wrong documentation on API Manager Swagger/OAS for corsOrigins
RDAPI-22221 libxml Error while importing WSDL
RDAPI-22331 automated submission form protection for forgottenpassword
RDAPI-22333 OAS 3 import implicitly requires a “servers” object, which should not be mandatory
RDAPI-22430 Issues removing custom policies from API Manager
RDAPI-22452 On APIMgr monitoring, application id is displayed instead of application name
RDAPI-22455 Self crosssite scripting vulnerability in API Manager
RDAPI-22513 Package properties not visible, PS and CS tools on Linux
RDAPI-22671 XPath wizard - Unexpected behavior of ‘Evaluate’ button
RDAPI-22756 No longer able to search applications by ID on API Manager 7.7
RDAPI-22760 setting for EMT offload of audit.log files
RDAPI-22764 Slowness with APIGateway Policy Studio, Windows ver 1803 and 1809
RDAPI-22848 Attempting to change the API default quota produces “cannot modify default quota properties” error
RDAPI-22954 swagger imports fine, but comes out with error from catalog 2.0 link
RDAPI-22987 APIM login endpoint stops responding when pod has been running for 30 days
RDAPI-23222 Unable to create user as error pop up is displayed
RDAPI-23326 Cassandra CVE-2020-13946
RDAPI-23379 API Catalog shows http and https base urls, customer wants only https
RDAPI-23471 if custom API Proxy broker, customized backend service url is not kept in serviceprofiles in .dat export
RDAPI-23499 Using OAuth External Attributes to send serialized objects
RDAPI-23500 Trial option does not work (not fixed by RDAPI-19580)
RDAPI-23549 No VAPI matched request after upgrade from 7.5.3 SP12 using inbound security policy
RDAPI-23557 TraceRedactor error:java.lang.RuntimeException: regex error with code: -10
RDAPI-23571 OAuth access tokens can be refreshed even after expiration when Cassandra TTL is NULL
RDAPI-23601 add header in inbound security for frontend doesn’t appear anymore in params.header
RDAPI-23654 Trace record logs passwords in plain text at DATA level
RDAPI-23655 When an APIM administrator changes a user’s password, the user’s session should be ended
RDAPI-23658 HTTP transaction blocked by Send To JMS filter when deploying configuration
RDAPI-23723 different crash after ModSec patch
RDAPI-23779 The http.headers attribute is vulnerable to CRLF injection
RDAPI-23786 nov20 PS loads a *.fed (1Mb) in +5min in win10
RDAPI-23820 Memory leak in customer environment
RDAPI-23829 API gateway and Portal duplicates the base url in the API catalog.
RDAPI-23841 Deleting an Org in API Manager always throws error/exception in trace
RDAPI-23853 Slow API Manager GUI due to large authorization table
RDAPI-23866 Try-It example for SOAP request missing namespaces
RDAPI-23913 Analytics PDF reports missing line item results that show on UI
RDAPI-23946 Cassandra 2.2.x EOL 30th April 2021
RDAPI-23963 POST /applications/<app_id>/apis is much slower in Mar-21 than 7.5.3
RDAPI-23965 release connections from pool for OracleDB-API_GW connectivity
RDAPI-23981 SAXParseException when attempting to process an inbound WebService request
RDAPI-23984 “Set time” control in API Monitoring does not work fully in a Chinese locale
RDAPI-24011 PS doesn’t open Dependencies Projects using recent projects links
RDAPI-24024 CVE-2021-2161 / CVE-2021-2163
RDAPI-24145 CPU spikes to 100% with unresponsive host
RDAPI-24148 com.vordel.coreapireg.runtime.broker.InvokableMethodParamException: Required parameter ’null’ missing
RDAPI-24222 [PS] Client Access Token Store creation: “You must enter a value for ‘Purge up to’”
RDAPI-24226 pop messages are retrieved by both instances in the same group
RDAPI-24251 Issue in API update (API livecycle)
RDAPI-24256 Policy responding to OPTIONS call returns 200 instead of 403 after upgrade from 7.5.3
RDAPI-24324 Memory leak in production
RDAPI-24329 core dump with websocket
RDAPI-24345 API Manager is matching VAPI to deleted APIs to incoming requests instead of the Published API
RDAPI-24359 OCSP filter issue with intermediate certs having same cert DN
RDAPI-24360 XML Complexity filter with charset of cp1252 fails
RDAPI-24371 policy that check the revoked certificates throws an exception after an upgrade to 77
RDAPI-24383 Try-it not working with http port in API Manager
RDAPI-24400 APIM sends Hosts header with default port even when unnecessary

Scripting filter whiteboard attributes not preloaded for Jython scripts

The Scripting filter now uses a Jython 2.7 scripting environment (previously, Jython 2.5) to execute Jython scripts. As a result of this version change, the whiteboard attributes, such as http.request.uri and http.request.verb, are no longer preloaded for use by Jython scripts. However, you can run a Jython script to load these attributes before they are accessed as follows:

from com.vordel.trace import Trace

def invoke(msg):
    Trace.info("This trace statement was generated in script filter!  [" + str(msg.get("http.request.verb")) + "] [" + str(msg.get("http.request.uri")) + "]")
    return True

Related Issue: RDAPI-21363

When an API Gateway instance is started, Xerces SAXParserImpl writes warnings to the error console

At API Gateway instance startup, the following warnings are logged to the error console, as opposed to the trace log:

Warning: org.apache.xerces.jaxp.SAXParserImpl$JAXPSAXParser: Property 'http://javax.xml.XMLConstants/property/accessExternalDTD' is not recognized.
Warning: org.apache.xerces.jaxp.SAXParserImpl$JAXPSAXParser: Property 'http://www.oracle.com/xml/jaxp/properties/entityExpansionLimit' is not recognized.

These new properties were added in JAXP 1.5 specification, which is supported by the embedded implementation in the JRE but not supported yet in Xerces-J Apache implementation. These are harmless warning messages, which are written to the error console instead of throwing an exception if a property is not supported by the Apache Xerces-J implementation.

Related Issue: RDAPI-22218

No VAPI matched request after upgrade from 7.5.3 SP12 using inbound security policy

If the following errors are present in the API Gateway traces when the instance is started, then there is a duplicate remote host configuration in API Gateway and API Manager configurations.

Duplicate remote host error:

ERROR 11/Mar/2021:11:10:27.207 [6dc4:000000000000000000000000] Failed to configure module:
com.vordel.api.common.ForbiddenException: PolicyStudio-registered remote host with name 'backend' and port '8080' already exists
 at com.vordel.apiportal.api.portal.controller.RemoteHostController.checkRemoteHost(RemoteHostController.java:616)
 at com.vordel.apiportal.api.portal.controller.RemoteHostController.updateRemoteHost(RemoteHostController.java:188)
 at com.vordel.apiportal.config.PortalConfiguration.addRemoteHosts(PortalConfiguration.java:354)
 at com.vordel.apiportal.config.PortalConfiguration.configure(PortalConfiguration.java:295)

Failure to configure circuit for VAPI error:

ERROR 11/Mar/2021:11:21:11.096 [6fb9:000000000000000000000000] Error configuring circuit for Front End (Proxy) API called [AA Petstore], Version [1.0.5], Organization [c33c32c5-f32e-4e38-8c52-1f149b7ebe9d]
ERROR 11/Mar/2021:11:21:11.096 [6fb9:000000000000000000000000] Error processing VAPI change event EventTimestamp [entityType=VIRTUALIZED_API, entityId=da281a2f-4e4d-4ce0-8747-a17614978a7f, eventType=CREATEUPDATE]:
 at com.vordel.apiportal.runtime.AuthenticationPolicySecurityDevice.exists(AuthenticationPolicySecurityDevice.java:182)
 at com.vordel.apiportal.runtime.AuthenticationPolicySecurityDevice.configure(AuthenticationPolicySecurityDevice.java:73)

To circumvent this problem, edit the API Gateway server configuration using Policy Studio and remove the duplicate remote host definition from Environment Configuration > Listeners, then deploy the updated configuration back to the server or servers in a group.

Related Issue: RDAPI-23549


There are no major changes in this update.

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