Upgrade a container deployment

Upgrade your API Gateway or API Manager container deployment from 7.6.2 or later.

2 minute read

In a container deployment, an upgrade is rolled out using an orchestration tool (for example, Kubernetes or OpenShift) after new Docker images containing the upgrade are pushed to the Docker registry. This enables you to perform a rolling zero downtime update of services.

To perform an upgrade, follow these steps:

  1. Download the API Gateway 7.7 Linux installer from Axway Support at https://support.axway.com.

  2. Create a new base image using the --installer option to build the image from the downloaded API Gateway 7.7 installer.

    cd emt_containers-<version>
    ./build_base_image.py --installer=apigw-770-installer.run --os=centos7
  3. Upgrade your existing API Gateway fed to version 7.7. In Policy Studio 7.7, create a new project from the existing configuration to trigger an automatic upgrade.

  4. Create a merge directory to contain any custom configuration (for example, /tmp/apigateway). The merge directory must be called apigateway and must have the same directory structure as the apigateway directory of an API Gateway installation.

  5. Add any custom configuration to the merge directory. For example, to add a custom envSettings.props file to your image, copy envSettings.props to /tmp/apigateway/conf/.

  6. Create new Admin Node Manager and API Gateway images using the --fed option to build the API Gateway image from the upgraded fed and the --merge-dir option to specify the merge directory containing the custom configuration. For example:

    cd emt_containers-<version>
    ./build_anm_image.py --domain-cert=certs/mydomain/mydomain-cert.pem --domain-key=certs/mydomain/mydomain-key.pem --domain-key-pass-file=/tmp/pass.txt --anm-username=gwadmin --anm-pass-file=/tmp/gwadminpass.txt --merge-dir=/tmp/apigateway
    ./build_gw_image.py --license=/tmp/api_gw.lic --domain-cert=certs/mydomain/mydomain-cert.pem --domain-key=certs/mydomain/mydomain-key.pem --domain-key-pass-file=/tmp/pass.txt --fed=my-upgraded-fed.fed --fed-pass-file=/tmp/my-group-fedpass.txt --merge-dir=/tmp/apigateway