Configure Key Property Store

Use a Key Property Store (KPS) to manage API Gateway data referenced from policies running on the API Gateway.

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KPS overview

A Key Property Store (KPS) is a table of data that can be referenced from policies running on the API Gateway.

Get started with KPS

Develop an example KPS table for managing simple user information.

Configure KPS in Policy Studio

Define general KPS configuration in Policy Studio.

Manage KPS using kpsadmin

Learn how to use the kpsadmin tool in interactive and scriptable command modes.

Configure database storage

Store KPS data in a relational database or an Apache Cassandra database.

Use the KPS scripting API

The KPS scripting API facilitates create, read, update, delete (CRUD) operations to KPS tables from your policies.


Frequently asked questions on KPS and API Gateway, KPS storage, and Apache Cassandra.

Troubleshoot KPS error messages

Common KPS error messages, and how to resolve them.