Upgrade API Gateway

Upgrade an existing API Gateway installation.

This guide describes how to upgrade to API Gateway version 7.7.

  • Upgrading or installing API Gateway or API Manager on Windows is not supported.
  • This guide does not describe how to upgrade API Portal. For more information on upgrading API Portal, see the API Portal Installation and Upgrade Guide.
  • This guide describes how to upgrade a classic deployment only. It does not describe how to upgrade a container deployment. For information on migrating your upgraded classic deployment to a container deployment, see the API Manager Container Deployment Guide.
  • See a list of API Gateway configurable files that can be changed after the upgrade.
  • See a list of post-upgrade scripts that you must run after the upgrade.

Upgrade and migration overview

Introduction to API Gateway upgrade and migration, and recommended best practices for test upgrades.

Upgrade from API Gateway 7.5.x or 7.6.x

Upgrade from API Gateway 7.5.1 or later to API Gateway 7.7.

Update from API Gateway One Version

Learn how to update from API Gateway One Version to the latest delivery.

Upgrade Apache Cassandra

Learn how to upgrade your Cassandra environment from version 2.2.8 or 2.2.12 to version 3.11.11 with no downtime.

Minimal downtime upgrade

Perform a minimal downtime upgrade to API Gateway 7.7.

Upgrade metrics database for API Manager

Upgrade your metrics database to version 7.7.

Upgrade API Gateway Analytics

Upgrade API Gateway Analytics to version 7.7.

Resolve upgrade issues in Policy Studio

Detect and analyze upgrade issues in Policy Studio.

sysupgrade command reference

Reference to sysupgrade commands.

sysupgrade error reference

Reference to warnings and errors generated by sysupgrade.

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about upgrade.

Troubleshoot an upgrade or an update

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